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Research Toolkit
Details of the methods used in the project, all national questionnaires and other methodological resources available for use can be found here|.


EU Kids Online

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EU Kids Online is a multinational research network which seeks to enhance knowledge regarding European children's online opportunities, risks and safety. It employs multiple methods to map children's and parents' changing experience of the internet. It also sustains an active dialogue with national and European policy stakeholders. It has been funded by the EC’s Better Internet for Kids| programme.

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New reports and presentations

EU Kids Online: The latest insights from research (September|)

Final recommendations for policy (September|)

Children's online experiences in socially disadvantaged families: European evidence and policy recommendations (June|)

Presentation to the CEO Coalition with new risk findings (June|)

The meaning of online problematic situations for children: qualitative investigation in nine countries (June|)


Recently released

Policy influences and country clusters in internet safety (May|)

TEDx talk: How children engage with the internet (May|)

EC workshop on parental controls (May|

Researching children's rights in the digital age (April|)

Book: Towards a better internet for children?|

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