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April 2018


MON, 30 APR 2018
LSE among best for research and graduate prospects

New rankings have recognised LSE's position as one of the leading institutions in the UK.

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MON, 30 APR 2018
Consumers are not giving informed consent before sharing their financial data

Complex terms and conditions prevent informed consent, according to research from Dr Edgar Whitley and Dr Roser Pujadas.

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Image of two men and one woman at a business meeting

TUE, 24 APR 2018
Power at Play: tackling harassment in the workplace

Learn how power dynamics affect the way we work.

Watch the event video. 


Image of the Houses of Parliament at dusk

MON, 23 APR 2018, The Guardian 
Labour MP Rushanara Ali: 'Rana Plaza was a man-made disaster'

Five years on from the Rana Plaza disaster, is the fashion industry a better place for women to work? Professor Sarah Ashwin discusses.


March 2018

Photo of Professor Saul Estrin of LSE's Department of Management

FRI, 2 MAR 2018, The Financial Times 
Is the MBA dead?

The founder of the Department of Management, Professor Saul Estrin, discusses LSE’s decision not to offer an MBA. Read more.


Image of binders on shelves

THU, 8 MAR 2018, The Financial Times 
Businesses turn to software robots for office work  

The hyper-growth of robotic automation firms signals change for the office worker, but what is on the horizon?

Professor Leslie Willcocks provides insight. Read the article


February 2018

Image of a women wearing a virtual reality headset with the words future of work

THU, 22 FEB 2018
Public discussion on the Future of Work

Academics from LSE’s Employment Relations and Human Resource Management Research Group debated how work has changed and will evolve in the future at a public lecture. Listen to the podcast.


Silhouette of a man looking over the New York skyline

MON, 19 FEB 2018, HR Magazine 
The exec price tag: reforming executive pay

Long Read: Professor Sandy Pepper helps unpick the knotty debate around CEO rewards and incentives. 


Image of a robot wearing sunglasses

FRI, 16 FEB 2018
The Myth of AI: the technologies really transforming our workplaces

New research from LSE finds Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hijacked term, and notably absent from real workplaces.


Image of Morten Bruun, a student studying LSE's Executive Master's in Management

WED, 14 FEB 2018
LSE student makes Forbes 30 under 30 list

Executive Master's in Management student Morten Bruun has been named in Forbes’ 30 under 30 list for 2018.


January 2018

Image of games console

TUE, 30 JAN 2018
Living the stream

New research into the popularity of live video game streaming, and its growing profitability.



THU, 25 JAN 2018
Megatrends: predicting the future to reinvent today

HP’s Chief Technology Officer revealed the 'megatrends' that will transform humanity at a Department of Management public lecture. Read more.


Image of business women using a tablet

TUE, 09 JAN 2018
What makes a great leader?

Dr Connson Locke tackles the question 'What makes a great leader?' in the January 2018 episode of the LSE IQ podcast. Listen now.


December 2017

Photo of Leslie Willcocks, Professor of Work, Technology and Globalisation

SAT, 30 DEC 2017, BBC Radio 4
AI is virtually non-existent in real business

Robotic process automation and cognitive automation are not to be confused with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Professor Leslie Willcocks said the majority of business technologies are based on machine learning, powerful visualization tools and algorithms, which are distinct from AI. 

Professor Willcocks is co-author of Service Automation: Robots and The Future of Work (2016).


Photo of Yasmin Diamond, Executive Vice President, Global Corporate Affairs, IHG

WED, 6 DEC 2017
Women in Business podcast

The Michaelmas term Women in Business public lecture features Yasmin Diamond,  Executive Vice President of a FTSE100 listed company, in conversation with Dr Hyun-Jung Lee.

Listen to the podcast.


November 2017


THU, 16 NOV 2017
Public lecture with 'The Lean Startup' author Eric Ries 

The entrepreneur revealed how the start-up ethos can breathe life into any organisation at a Department of Management public lecture. Listen to the podcast.



THU, 16 NOV 2017

Research: Fairness in work and pay

Professor Sandy Pepper provides an insight into executive's views on fairness at work, as part of a report from PricewaterhouseCoopers.


Image of a broken window in a prison

MON, 6 NOV 2017
Podcast: Is our prison system broken?

Are prisons the poor relation of the public sector? Dr Simon Bastow – an expert on overcrowding in prisons – considers why the prison system in England and Wales may be failing. Listen now.


October 2017

Image of football fans

MON, 22 OCT 2017, The Guardian
Safe standing’s surprise byproduct? It might help the home team’s game

What effect do crowds have on football? Professor Ignacio Palacios-Huerta discusses the home advantage.


Image of lanterns in a temple in Hong Kong

MON, 2 OCT 2017, South China Morning Post
Nearly 40 per cent of Hong Kong students in ‘veiled’ poll support violent protests

An experiment by a group of international researchers, including Senior Visiting Fellow Dr Noam Yuchtman, finds Hong Kong students hold more radical attitudes towards political protests than expected.


Image of a digital fingerprint

MON, 2 OCT 2017, CEMS Magazine
Technological Disruption: the “human touch’ will still have a place in work

Just because work can be automated doesn’t necessarily mean it should or will, writes Professor Leslie Willcocks.


September 2017

Image of a wooden doll bound by the hands and feet

THU, 14 SEP 2017, The New York Times
The Shkreli Syndrome: youthful trouble, tech success, then a fall

Research by Professor Yona Rubinstein finds smart teenagers who engage in illicit activities are more likely to become entrepreneurs: but if youthful rule-breaking foreshadows their rise, does it also contribute to their demise?


August 2017

Image of Dame Minouche Shafik, LSE Director

THU, 31 AUG 2017
Experts must fight back

The incoming LSE Director, Dame Minouche Shafik, challenges the rise in anti-intellectual sentiment.


Image of a man looking out over a rain forest

MON, 14 AUG 2017, The Ecologist 
The hidden environmental impacts of ‘platform capitalism’

The rise of powerful technology companies does not bode well for environmental regulations, argues Dr Jamie Woodcock.


Image of a Champions League penalty shootout

WED, 2 AUG 2017 
Penalty shootouts: EFL to trial fairer system

The English Football League has adopted the 'ABBA' penalty shootout format for cup competitions and playoffs, informed by the research of Professor Ignacio Palacios-Huerta.


July 2017

Image of earth in a light bulb

MON, 31 JUL 2017, The Telegraph 
The fourth industrial revolution: don’t let your business be a casualty

Big corporations are preparing for Industry 4.0. Professor Leslie Willcocks – an expert on work, technology and globalisation – distinguishes the optimists from the pessimists.


Image of British currency including pound coins

TUE, 25 JUL 2017, Financial Times 
Companies risk fines for labour abuses lower on supply chain

Emeritus Professor David Metcalf and the UK’s first Director of Labour Market Enforcement, proposes tougher measures to tackle illegal practices, such as minimum wage abuses. 


Image of yes and no checked on a white piece of paper, hand-written

WED, 19 JUL 2017, Wired
Is it a good idea for companies to reveal how much they pay?

Following the release of the BBC pay report, Professor Alexander Pepper considers the consequences for the BBC's top earners. 


Image of two masks

WED, 19 JUL 2017, The New Yorker
Vote for Ugly

The so called "beauty premium" has long been chronicled, but new research from Dr Satoshi Kanazawa suggests less-than-attractiveness can amount to a pretty penny. 


Image of a modern office

THU, 6 JUL 2017, Raconteur; The Times
Getting the best from workplaces

With more and more people opting to log in remotely, Dr Esther Canonico provides insight on whether the office will remain central to our working day?


June 2017

Image of stained glass windows

THU, 29 JUN 2017, HR Zone
The business case for diversity: tackling the inconvenient truth

When diversity becomes a tick box exercise the whole organisation suffers, but research by Dr Jonathan Ashong-Lamptey reveals the value of employee resource groups.


Image of a landline telephone

TUE, 20 JUN 2017
Working the Phones: investigating control and resistance in the modern workplace

Dr Jamie Woodcock goes undercover in a call centre to reveal the plight of over a million workers employed in the UK’s least-loved service industry. Listen to the podcast from this LSE public lecture.


Image of Euro coins

FRI, 2 JUN 2017, The Economist
Europe inches closer to a plan for fixing its financial flaws 

A new European Commission proposal aimed at strengthening the single currency area is mostly welcomed, writes Professor Luis Garicano.


May 2017

Image of clasped hands

TUE, 30 May 2017, Board Agenda
There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to boosting diversity and business growth

The business case for diversity seems intuitive. But initiatives should improve the lived experiences of minority employees, says Dr Jonathan Ashong-Lamptey.


Image of Julia Gillard, the 27th Prime Minister of Australia

MON, 22 MAY 2017
Education for All: meeting the challenges of the 21st century

Julia Gillard, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Global Partnership for Education and former Australian Prime Minster, makes a compelling case for global investment in education. Listen to the podcast from this LSE public lecture.


Image of time passing on a clock

TUE, 2 MAY 2017
What's the future of work?

Exploring how technology is changing the way we work with leading LSE researchers. Listen to the latest LSEIQ podcast.


April 2017

Image of a plane reflected in the glass of a building

WED, 12 APR 2017, Skift
British Airways and the problem of fees, frills and perspective

As British Airways battle to compete in the low-cost long-haul market, Professor Amitav Chakravarti adds perspective on loss aversion.


Image of a woman with an umbrella on a zebra crossing

THU, 6 APR 2017, Financial Times
Spain: boom to bust and back again

Professor Luis Garicano – an expert on the failed Cajas in Spain – credits the country’s recovery to a restructure of the financial system.


Image of Tiffany Dufu

WED, 5 APR 2017
Drop the Ball: how women can achieve more by doing less

A pioneer in the women’s leadership movement provides a bold manifesto for change, empowering women to let go. Listen to the podcast from this LSE public lecture with Tiffany Dufu.


Image of two security cameras

TUE, 4 APR 2017, Elite Business
Is smarter monitoring the key to boosting Britain's productivity levels? 

Managers are tracking employees to make informed decisions about their teams, but Dr Jamie Woodcock asks at what cost?


March 2017

Image of a young girl relaxing with coffee

FRI, 31 MAR 2017, Forbes
How to create more innovation in your team? Fewer meetings and more slack time

Time is not just a luxury, it’s a necessity for innovation suggests new research by Professor Om Narasimhan.



THU, 23 MAR 2017, People Management
What the gig economy can learn from call centre management

Dr Jamie Woodcock discusses how intense scrutiny can lead to employee rebellion.


Image of football field

FRI, 17 MAR 2017, Financial Times 
How to save a penalty: the truth about football’s toughest shot

Professor Ignacio Palacios-Huerta explains how football has become the unlikely field for the theories of a Nobel Prize winner.


Image of a baseball glove and ball

THU, 2 MAR 2017
No 'quick fix' to managing workplace diversity

A government-commissioned review urges employers to improve BAME progression but Dr Jonathan Ashong-Lamptey advises against a one-size-fits-all approach.


February 2017


SAT, 18 FEB 2017, The Telegraph
Is this the end of private prisons?

Amid the recent media froth over the pitfalls of the UK’s prison system, Dr Simon Bastow – an expert on prison crowding – cuts through the hysteria and provides insight on the unusual framework in which private prisons operate.



THU, 16 FEB 2017
Workplace rudeness can have a profound effect on mental well-being

Dr Tara Reich finds that persistent rudeness from a person in power negatively impacts on an employee’s well-being and sense of belonging.


January 2017


FRI, 27 JAN 2017
Team sports boost life-satisfaction

Being a member of a sports team offers huge health benefits, and new research by Dr Chia-Huei Wu suggests it may also make you happier. 



MON, 16 JAN 2017
Manipulating workers desire for meaningful work can alienate employees

A new study co-authored by Dr Emma Soane reveals that strategies to boost staff performance and morale by manipulating an employee’s desire for meaningful work often achieve the opposite effect. 


December 2016


TUE, 20 DEC 2016, Forbes
Does Hollywood predict the future with any degree of accuracy?     

Robots on the silver screen are often portrayed as 'out to get us', but in reality Professor Leslie Willcocks finds that robots can be effective when partnered with human intelligence. 



MON, 5 DEC 2016
How to break down the glass wall: successful strategies for women at work

Kathryn Jacob, CEO of Pearl and Dean, and Sue Unerman, Chief Strategy Officer at MediaCom, offered smart, practical strategies for women to succeed at work at an LSE public lecture. Listen to the podcast.


November 2016


TUE, 15 NOV 16
The Scale-up Manifesto: How Britain is becoming the scale-up nation of the world

The Department of Management brought together experts to discuss the latest findings of the 2016 Scale-Up Review. Listen to the podcast.



WED, 9 NOV 2016, The Financial Times
Fake MBAs haunt CVs even in the internet age

Dr Roger Levy comments on how – in a connected world where many facts can be checked so easily – job candidates are cheating the system. 



TUE, 8 NOV 2016, Forbes
Four Ways Successful People Build Confidence

Dr Rebecca Newton explains how to increase confidence at work. 



TUE, 1 NOV 2016
Richard Reed reveals ways to succeed in life

Richard Reed, co-founder of Innocent Drinks, shared lessons in how to create and succeed at an LSE public lecture.


October 2016


SUN, 25 OCT 2016, LSE Brexit blog
The end of Eldorado: Brexit Britain is likely to get a very bad deal from Spain

Professor Luis Garicano argues that Brexit puts much at risk.



MON, 24 OCT 2016
Dr Fabian Waldinger awarded Philip Leverhulme Prize

Dr Fabian Waldinger, an “exceptional” researcher, has received one of five prestigious Philip Leverhulme Prizes in Economics.



FRI, 14 OCT 2016
The future of computer science, according to Eric Schmidt

Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Alphabet and former CEO of Google, shared his views on computer science education and Britain’s ‘computing crisis’ at a public conversation.



OCT 2016, Harvard Business Review
The case against long-term incentive plans

Prior to LSE, Professor Sandy Pepper spent 27 years at PwC helping clients devise ways to compensate CEOs. Subsequently he states, “I was part of the system that I've come to say is not very effective".


September 2016


FRI, 30 SEP 2016, The Economist Intelligence Unit
The intelligent workforce

Professor Leslie Willcocks’ research suggests that humans and robots are most effective when working together.  



TUE, 6 SEP 2016
Home working loses its appeal over time for both companies and staff

New research by Dr Esther Canonico finds that the benefits of working from home disappear over time.