Public lecture audience

Management academic launches book on authentic leadership

To be authentic we must be committed to making changes
Dr Rebecca Newton and the panel address the packed public lecture audience.

Dr Rebecca Newton launched her latest book on how to lead with gravitas at public lecture at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

The book, entitled Authentic Gravitas: Who Stands Out and Why, provides readers with practical tools to help them to not only lead with integrity and respect, but to inspire greatness in those around them.

Drawing on her 20 years’ experience researching and teaching on leadership, Dr Newton explained to the packed audience how authentic leadership drives organisational success, yet it's often misinterpreted in the workplace. She revealed how we can all lead with gravitas, influence with integrity and drive positive change.

Dr Newton was joined on stage by Shanelle Hall, Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF, Shaheen Sayed, Health and Public Service Lead at Accenture, and Shaun Sinniah, Managing Director of Strategy and Sales at Guy Carpenter.

The panel shared their insights with those in attendance, including how to overcome the dreaded ‘imposter syndrome’. Sandy Pepper, Professor of Management Practice at LSE, chaired the event and oversaw a busy audience Q&A session.

Dr Newton is a Senior Visiting Fellow at LSE’s Department of Management. She is also an organisational psychologist, an executive coach and is the Founder and CEO of CoachAdviser.

When she isn’t coaching leaders at multinational corporations such as Coca-Cola, Google and Nike, Dr Newton spends time teaching LSE students on the Global Master’s in Management (GMiM) programme.

Authentic Gravitas: Who Stands Out and Why can be purchased online.

Wednesday 08 May 2019