Public lecture audience

Eric Ries shares insights into business growth and culture change

If we’re going to change culture we first have to change accountability.
Eric Ries speaks at a Department of Management Public Lecture

Eric Ries, entrepreneur and author of The Lean Startup, spoke on how to inspire growth and culture change through entrepreneurial management.

Discussing his latest publication, The Startup Way, Eric was in conversation with Dr Lourdes Sosa at a public lecture organised by the Department of Management on Thursday 16 November 2017.

Eric shared insights into how to transform business strategies – drawing on real world examples from his work with General Electric (GE).

“It struck me as very strange, how can a company 120-years-old have the same issues as a company five-years-old?” Eric said, when discussing the reason behind the theories outlined in The Startup Way. “Both companies are built to the same blueprint… It’s basically the same structure we’ve been using for almost 100 years… Maybe we could improve on that”.

The topic of culture change was also discussed, and Eric outlined his theory on how to change culture in the workplace. “If we’re going to change culture we first have to change accountability, then we have to change the process by which we make decisions” he explained. 

Eric then took questions from the audience, before signing copies of his new book and mingling with Department of Management alumni at a drinks reception.

The full podcast of Eric’s public lecture can be listened to and downloaded for free here.

The Startup Way is available to purchase now.


Thursday 16 November 2017