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Department of Management
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About us

The Department of Management is home to the study of management and organisations at LSE.  

The study of management is above all concerned with developing and using knowledge to invent practical solutions to problems spanning organisations, their enterprises, and their transitions. 

The department is committed to advancing the frontiers of the study of management, through its social-science based research, collaboration across the entire LSE, and its engagement with enterprises, organisations, and leaders throughout the world. 

We aspire to use knowledge in pursuit of both organisational success and social betterment by cultivating our students’ talents for both inventive problem-solving and practitioner learning, at all points along their educational and professional careers.


The department’s faculty produce outstanding scholarly research about organisations and management, and use research methods and knowledge to address problems in business, government, and society.

Faculty in the department publish their research in the leading academic journals for these various subject areas. Many academics are engaged in research directed at using social science research methods to inform issues faced by organisations and policymakers in all sectors and around the world. 

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Research AreasTeaching

The Department of Management aspires to be a world-leading centre of learning, where academically gifted students boost their social science knowledge, deepen their engagement with the study of management and cultivate their talents for innovative problem-solving.

Our degrees cultivate practitioner talent for designing and developing the services, programmes, and infrastructures that move business and societal ventures ahead. We believe cultivating practitioner talent for inventive problem-solving requires more than honing leadership skills and sharpening managerial tools, and we therefore ensure that our students become engaged with the pursuit of acquiring systematic knowledge about behavioural, institutional, and technological barriers to organisational success, as well as with designing environments and processes to shape solutions to overcome them. 

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