Sally-Anne Way

PhD Student in Law

Department of Law

About me

Thesis title

'Human Rights and Economic Crisis: A history of economic and social rights from the Great Depression to the Great Recession'


Dr Margot Salomon and Professor Susan Marks

Research interests

International human rights law, history of human rights and the drafting of international human rights treaties in the 20th century, with particular reference to the development of economic, social and cultural rights and the relationship between human rights and economics, as well as linkages between human rights and poverty, inequality and development (including in economic crisis, austerity measures and structural adjustment). Theoretical interests include critical legal theory, TWAIL, feminist legal theory, anthropology of law, theories of justice in political theory and law and economics.

Recent publications and conference papers

'The “Myth” and Mystery of US History on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights: The 1947 “United States Suggestions for Articles to be incorporated in an International Bill of Rights' Human Rights Quarterly 36.4 (2014): 869-897.

'Economic and Social Rights in the 'Great Recession': Towards a Human Rights-Centered Economic Policy in Times of Crisis' (with Nicholas Lusiani and Ignacio Saiz) in Reidel, E., Giacca, G. and Golay, C. (eds) Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in International Law: Contemporary Issues and Challenges (Oxford University Press,2014)

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