Forthcoming Events

LSE Law hosts events that play a major role in policy debates & in the education of lawyers and law teachers from around the world.

A list of upcoming events for Lent Term 2019.


21 February 2019   |    6.30-8pm   |   Wolfson Theatre, New Academic Building, LSE

Seventy Years of Nuclearism: a Cold War retrospective

This instalment of the Cold War International Law project will explore the implications of nuclearism for international law, for planetary survival and for cold wars, old and new.

Speakers: Professor Ruth Buchanan, Professor Matthew Craven, Professor Sundhya Pahuja
Chair:  Professor Gerry Simpson




06 March 2019   |    6-8pm   |  Weston Café, Saw Swee Hock Student Centre, LSE

Book Launch Party with Dr Insa Koch

Join us in celebrating Dr Insa Koch's new book Personalizing the State: an anthropology of law, politics and welfare in austerity Britain.

Speakers: Dr Insa Koch, Professor Nicola Lacey, Professor Deborah James, Professor Tim Newburn



greg fox 2

14 March 2019 |  6.30-8pm | Wolfson Theatre, New Academic Building 

Security Council Resolutions as Evidence of Customary International Law: the case for Non-International Armed Conflicts

New data reveals the UN Security Council has consistently imposed similar obligations on parties to non-international armed conflicts.  These obligations differ in important ways from accepted customary international law.  Professor Greg Fox's lecture will question what the normative consequences of these patterns in Council activity should be. And in particular, whether Council resolutions can serve as evidence of customary law. 

Speaker: Professor Greg Fox
Chair: Dr Chris O'Meara



Streeck 1

15 March 2019 |  6.30-8pm | Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building 


Taking Back Control? Brexit and the future of Europe

At this critical political moment, Professor Wolfgang Streeck will ask if European states can regain control of markets, and whether Brexit offers any lessons on how this can be done. 

Speaker: Professor Wolfgang Streeck
Professor Peter Ramsay




22 March 2019   |    LSE

The ‘Acceptable’ Cartel? Horizontal Agreements under Competition Law and Beyond

A Workshop Reflecting McEllistrim v Ballymacelligott Co-Operative Agricultural and Dairy Society Limited [1919] AC 54




25 March 2019   |    6.30-8pm   |   Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building, LSE

Next week's law

It doesn’t happen very often that almost a whole legal system changes from one week to the next. A week before the Brexit date, we explore the legal implications of Brexit.

Speaker: Professor Niamh Moloney
Chair: Dr Floris de Witte