Professor Vanessa Finch

Emeritus Professor of Law

Department of Law

Room No
New Academic Building 6.09

About me

Vanessa Finch is a Professor of Law Emeritus, having retired from the LSE at the end of 2013. During her years in the Law Dept she was, inter alia, responsible for graduate and undergraduate courses in Corporate Insolvency Law and was Director of the MSc Law and Accounting programme. She has written numerous scholarly articles on insolvency and corporate law issues as well as the Cambridge University Press book: Corporate Insolvency Law: Perspectives and Principles (2nd ed. 2009).

Research interests

These centre on corporate insolvency, corporate rescue and corporate accountability; and include analysis of the ways in which different insolvency actors (banks, company directors, judges, insolvency practitioners, turnaround specialists and so on) are adapting to the 'new insolvency regime' and its growing orientation towards rescue and risk management. Vanessa Finch's research is also concerned with how changes in the conceptual underpinnings of insolvency are to be reflected in corporate insolvency law.

External activities

Vanessa Finch is a member of the Insolvency Lawyers' Association Academic Advisory Group and is on the Advisory Editorial Board of Insolvency Intelligence (having also been on the Editorial Board of the Insolvency Lawyer). She has undertaken consultancy for Oxford Analytica and given advice on directorial liability to various bodies.



Corporate Insolvency Law: Perspectives and Principles (Cambridge University Press, 2009 [2nd edition]

The first edition of Corporate Insolvency Law proposed a fundamentally revised concept of insolvency law, intended to serve corporate as well as broader social ends.

This second edition takes on board a host of changes that have subsequently reshaped insolvency law and practice, notably the consolidation of the rescue culture in the UK, the rise of the pre-packaged administration and the substantial replacement of administrative receivership with administration. It also considers the implications of recent and dramatic changes in the provision and trading of credit, the movement of an increasing amount of 'insolvency work' to the pre-formal insolvency stage of corporate affairs and the arrival, on the insolvency scene, of a new cadre of specialists in corporate turnaround. Looking to the future, Vanessa Finch argues that changes of approach are needed if insolvency law is to develop with coherence and purpose, and she offers a framework for such an approach.

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