An Imaginary War? Culture, Thought and Nuclear Conflict during the Cold War event at LSE IDEAS

An Imaginary War? Culture, Thought and Nuclear Conflict during the Cold War

Part of the 'Rethinking the Cold War' lecture series with the Cultures of the Cold War network at the University of Sheffield

Collective imaginations of nuclear warfare were a central battleground of the Cold War, fought through war-games and fictitious scenarios.


This panel debate explored the 'imaginary war' and how culture and individuals struggled to comprehend nuclear war, from imagining the destruction to ways in which activist localised the conflict to an understandable scale. 

Listen to the podcast: An Imaginary War?

Download the podcast: An Imaginary War?

Event recorded 19th October 2016.


Ann Sherif, Professor of Japanese, Oberlin College

Matthew Grant, Senior Lecturer in History, University of Essex - @mgrnt

Benjamin Ziemann, Professor of Modern German History, University of Sheffield

Chair: Piers Ludlow, Project Head of the Cold War Studies Project and an Associate Professor in the LSE Department of International History.


View the Twitter debate from this event on Storify


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