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Department of Government
London School of Economics
Houghton Street
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Head of Department
Professor Chandran Kukathas


Department Manager
Shelly Brindley
Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7955 6751


General Enquiries 
Email: gov.office@lse.ac.uk
Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7955 6816


Undergraduate Enquiries
Email: Carla Seesunkur
Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7955 6498


Postgraduate Enquiries
Email: Mark Bryceland
Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7955 6300


Research/PhD Enquiries
Email: Nina Pasquali
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7955 7929


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Welcome to the Department of Government, one of the largest political science departments in the UK. Our activities cover a comprehensive range of approaches to the study of politics.Find out more

'LSE and Brexit' - Info for Students & Staff

Students & staff: if you have concerns about Brexit, please go to the 'LSE and Brexit' page for the latest information.

The Politics of Presence: Do politicians represent us?
Anne Phillips, winner of the 2017 APSA George H. Hallett Award, assesses what progress has been made on equality in politics and how much further we have to go. The award recognises a book, published at least ten years ago, that has made a lasting contribution to the literature on representation and electoral systems. Anne looks at what’s changed since […]

Post Truth: The New War on Truth and How To Fight Back
Hallelujah Lulie reflects on Matthew d’Ancona’s recent public lecture at LSE where he discussed his new book Post Truth: The New War on Truth and How we Fight Back. Listen to the podcast. How did the anti-establishment and anti-status quo movement end up as anti-truth? It made it into the mainstream so fast that by the time it was named the […]

Butterfly Politics: changing the law to advance gender equality
MSc student Jodie Levy reviews Professor Catharine A MacKinnon’s new book Butterfly Politics, following an event at LSE on 18 May 2017 hosted by the Centre for Women, Peace and Security. The true strength of the law often doesn’t enter our thoughts until we have to report a crime. It’s frequently in unfortunate circumstances that we find ourselves having to […]

Europeans Would Accept More Refugees—If the Asylum System Were Fair
Kirk Bansak, Jens Hainmueller and Dominik Hangartner’s study of the European refugee crisis shows broad support across Europe for the proportional allocation of asylum seekers. Scenes from the front lines of Europe’s refugee crisis depict a border overwhelmed by the influx of desperate people on the move. The Italian Coast Guard operates at full tilt to rescue boatloads of migrants […]

Delivering winning Election Night coverage: LSE students assist with ITV GE2017 programme
25 of our undergraduate students assisted ITV with their General Election 2017 programme, which aired from Thursday 8 June until the early hours of Friday 9 June 2017. The work required involved taking calls from constituencies and logging the election results on a database, which were then subsequently broadcast live on television. BSc student Naomi Potter details her experience working […]

Understanding Terrorism. What can the Arts and Social Science learn from each other?
James Hughes discusses his research on the conflict in Northern Ireland between 1969 – 2005 as well as the advice he provided to the Director of a play, titled ‘Everything Between Us’, which deals with the legacy of the conflict and received its London premiere in April 2017. The question of what constitutes terrorism is an ongoing puzzle in social […]

Watch the latest videos in our 'HotSeat' series

Our departmental experts discuss key topics in politics and current affairs.

HOTSEAT: Tony Travers on the results of the 2017 UK General Election
We ask Professor Tony Travers how we ended up with a hung Parliament, the implications for the Conservatives and Labour, what it means for Brexit and how long it could be before the next General Election. ‘The HotSeat’ is also available as a podcast – listen and download via iTunes and SoundCloud.   Tony Travers is a Visiting Professor in the […]

HOTSEAT: Thomas Leeper on Trump’s Inauguration & the Start of His Presidency
Thomas Leeper discusses Donald Trump’s inauguration and what it tells us about the policy and approach we can expect from his presidency.   Dr Thomas Leeper is an Assistant Professor in Political Behaviour in the LSE Department of Government. Follow Thomas on Twitter – @thosjleeper

HOTSEAT: Tony Travers on 2016, An Eventful Year In Politics
Professor Tony Travers discusses the key political events of 2016, an unprecedented year in politics which saw the UK vote for Brexit and Donald Trump elected US President.   Tony Travers is a Visiting Professor in the LSE Department of Government and Director of LSE London, a research centre at the London School of Economics.

Dispatch Box is the termly newsletter of the Department of Government. Here you can read topical articles penned by our research and teaching staff, as well as a mixture of staff and student news, appointments, publications and achievements.

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Please contact the editors (gov.admin@lse.ac.uk) if you would like to submit a suggestion or news item for Dispatch Box.


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