Mr  Raphael  Wittenberg

Mr Raphael Wittenberg

Deputy Director and Associate Professorial Research Fellow

Care Policy and Evaluation Centre (CPEC)

020 7955 6186
Room No
PAN 8.01A
Key Expertise
Care of Older People, Dementia Care, Economics of Social Care

About me

Raphael is a Associate Professorial Research Fellow at CPEC at LSE and Deputy Director of the Centre for Health Service Economics and Organisation (CHSEO) at the University of Oxford.

At CPEC, he leads a programme of research on financing long-term care, which aims to make projections of demand for long-term care for older people and associated expenditure to 2041. He also leads research on direct payments in residential care and on community care for older people and leads modelling work for the MODEM study on care for people with dementia.

At CHSEO, he leads research on trends in emergency hospital admissions of older people and on economic issues in assets based approaches to health. He was for many years a Senior Economist at the Department of Health, where he led a team of DH analysts providing analysis on social services and mental health services.

Expertise Details

Care of Older People; Dementia Care; Economics of Social Care; Emergency Hospital Care; Health Assets; International Comparisons of Long-Term Care; Long-Term Care Finance; Personalisation