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18-19 October 2014

Graduate Weekend 2014|

20 August 2014

Visiting Professor Wayne Landsman receives 2014 Outstanding Educator Award|

10 August 2014

Edinburgh Culture Visit|

2-6 August 2014

Professor Jorgensen shared two dissertation supervision awards at the 2014 AAA|

2 August 2014

Professor Van der Stede received runner-up AAA Notable Contribution to Management Accounting Literature Award|

9 June 2014

In Memoriam: Professor Ted O'Leary 1950-2014|

27 May 2014

Dr Andrea Mennicken delivers opening key speech at the 35th Congress of the AFC|

27 May 2014

LSE Teaching Awards 2014|

25 April 2014

Professor Alnoor Bhimani speaks on 'The Allure of the Big Data'|

3 April 2014

Professor Mike Power presents the RJ Chambers Research Lecture|

27 March 2014

Dr Stefano Cascino awarded ICAS grant|

21 March 2014

Professor Peter Miller awarded Honorary Doctorate at Copenhagen Business School|

6-7 March 2014

"Numbers from the Bottom Up" workshop|

22 January 2014

Dr Stefano Cascino presents to the IASB|

24 October 2013

Professor Alnoor Bhimani co-presents the annual PD Leake lecture|

23 August 2013

Two new Professors join the Department|

31 July 2013

Dr Andrea Mennicken and Professor Wim Van der Stede nominated for the LSE Student Union Teaching Awards|

27 July 2013

New publication by Dr Matthew Hall: Harvard Business Review|

24 June 2013

Professor Alnoor Bhimani speaks at the Fundación Ramón Areces|

20 May 2013

Professor Van der Stede joins the AAA Task Force on Global Engagement|

2 May 2013

LSE Teaching Blog: Law and Accounting Cafe|

4 April 2013

Dr Gerben Bakker wins prestigious Ralph Gomory prize|

25 January 2013

Professor Michael Power awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Uppsala, Sweden|

8 November 2012   

Risk Culture in Financial Organisations: an interim report| 

6 November 2012

Department hosts public lecture “Accounting Harmonisation and Global Economic Consequences”| 

20-21 October 2012 

Graduate Weekend in Cambridge 2012| 

18 October 2012

Feedback innovations and practices| 

11 October 2012

Professor Alnoor Bhimani delivers keynote speech at the UK-China Business Finance Forum at House of Lords| 

1 October 2012 

The Department welcomes Visiting Professor Peter Holgate| 

6 September 2012

Professor Richard Macve presents plenary session of the BAFA South West Regional Group| 

30 August 2012 

Professor Richard Macve participats in discussion panels at the American Accounting Association Annual Meeting|

7 August 2012

Visiting Professor Wayne Landsman receives 2012 AAA Literature Award|

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Upcoming Events and Conferences

16 April 2015

Management Accounting Research Group (MARG) conference|

17 April 2015

Management Accounting Research 25th Anniversary Conference|

29 May 2015

Journal of Accounting and Public Policy Conference at LSE|

Recent Events and Conferences

27 March 2014

Management Accounting Research Group (MARG) Conference|

16-17 December 2013

Accounting, Organizations and Society Workshop 2013|

24 June 2013

7th LSE/LUMS/MBS Conference|

13-14 June 2013

3rd Organizations, Artifacts and Practices (OAP) Workshop|

18 April 2013

Management Accounting Research Group (MARG) Conference|

6 November 2012

Public Lecture announcement - “Accounting Harmonisation and Global Economic Consequences"|

25 May 2012

Journal of Accounting and Publice Policy Conference|

12-13 December 2011 

Accounting, Organizations and Society Workshop 2011| 

27 June 2011

5th LSE/MBS Conference: In Search of the Ideal GAAP:
Stewardship Decision-making and the Way Forward

31 March 2011

MARG 2011|

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