Joint Mathematics and Philosophy Reading Group on Game Theory

Primary focus of the group is on foundational and philosophical issues in game theory, but applications will also play a role. We particularly aim to promote interdisciplinary research projects among graduate students from any disciplines. This setting serves as a good opportunity for participants to talk about their research, letting the group not only get to know the other students' research interests but also to practice giving presentations in a casual atmosphere. Subjects for discussion will include:

  • Epistemic Game Theory

  • Bounded rationality in games

  • Evolutionary Game Theory

  • Algorithmic Game Theory

  • Games of Incomplete Information. 

A suggested reading list can be found here. Questions, suggestions, etc., about the reading group can be forwarded to Enfale Farooq, the Research Manager, on

Upcoming Seminars:

Thursday 4th October2018 - Zachary Feinstein (Washington University)

Title and abstract TBC


Previous seminars in the series: