2018 Colloquia in Combinatorics

Two consecutive one-day events hosted by QMUL and LSE

2018 sees the twelfth year of the Colloquia in Combinatorics: each year, we present a dozen talks covering a wide range of topics of interest to all those working in combinatorics or related fields.

As always, this year’s colloquia provided very good instruction and entertainment

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Wednesday 9 May 2018

Nikhil Bansal (Eindhoven)

Sofia Linqvist (Oxford)

Janos Pach (Lausanne)

Paul Russell (Cambridge)

Katherine Staden (Oxford)

Carsten Thomassen (TU Denmark)

Venue: Peston Lecture Theatre, Graduate Centre, Mile End Campus, QMUL (please note: this is the same venue used in 2017; building "18" on the map)

Contacts: David Ellis (D.Ellis@qmul.ac.uk) and Justin Ward (justin.ward@qmul.ac.uk)


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Thursday 10 May 2018

Maria Axenovich (Karlsruhe)

Michelle Delcourt (Birmingham)

Agelos Georgakopoulos  (Warwick)

Alexander Sidorenko (New York)

Perla Sousi (Cambridge)

Venue: Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building, LSE (please note: is the same venue used in 2017; building "NAB" on the map)

Contact: Julia Böttcher (j.boettcher@lse.ac.uk), Jan van den Heuvel (j.van-den-heuvel@lse.ac.uk) and Jozef Skokan (j.skokan@lse.ac.uk)

Those interested are welcome to attend for all or any part of the event. The two hosting institutions are less than half an hour apart by tube; it is hoped that many people will be able to attend for both days.  There is no formal registration process and seats will be allocated each day on a first come, first served basis.

Queries should be sent to Rebecca Lumb.


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Event Poster

This poster advertising both days of the event will soon be available to download. 

Event History

2018 sees the twelfth anniversary of this annual May Colloquium - since 2007, Queen Mary and LSE have held back-to-back one day meetings and details of all past Colloquia can be found as follows:

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