First Year Seminar Series

Professional and Personal Development Seminar Series for first year student members of the Department of Mathematics

The seminar series is a programme of 8 one-hour sessions on Friday afternoons held in LSE LIFE. The series offers opportunities for interaction between students and members of staff in a relaxed, non-teaching setting. Lecturers, class teachers and other departmental staff will regularly attend and actively participate in the seminars.

The aims of the seminar series are to:

  • Provide academic, professional and personal development training to first-year students.

  • Orient first-year students about additional development opportunities offered by the School.

  • Address the challenges that first-year student commonly face in their transition from school to university and during their undergraduate studies.

  • Contribute to fostering a sense of cohesion and belonging among students and to building relationships between students and members of the mathematics department.

Session topics

Michaelmas Term

Lent Term

W3 Orientation and Quiz


W5 Careers


W7 Alumni and Careers


W9 Study Skills


First year students can find out more about the series on the dedicated Moodle site.

Any information relating to Second Year Seminar Series will be sent out via email.