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Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science
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The Centre organises seminars, lectures, conferences and workshops as part of its routine activities. It also hosts events organised by the LSE Philosophy Department and the British Society for the Philosophy of Science.



Upcoming Events

Angelo Cei (University of Rome): Reflections on Atomism, Quantum Mechanics and Mereology
06/10/2014: 5:15 PM. Sigma Club

Bryan Roberts (LSE): The Limits of Science
07/10/2014: 6:30 PM. Forum for European Philosophy

Orri Stefansson (College d'etudes mondiales, Paris): Chance Egalitarianism
08/10/2014: 5:50 PM. Choice Group

Ellen Clarke (Oxford): How to count organisms
13/10/2014: 5:15 PM. BSPS London Meetings

Jason Alexander (LSE) Inaugural Lecture
15/10/2014: 5:30 PM. Choice Group

Lakatos Award Workshop in Philosophy of Physics
21/10/2014: 12:00 AM. Lakatos Award

Lakatos Award Ceremony & Lectures
22/10/2014: 6:30 PM.

Kasia Rejzner (York): Causality in the modern approach to foundations of quantum field theory
27/10/2014: 5:15 PM. Sigma Club

John Worrall: ACES hIgh? Or "Placebo Mania"?
28/10/2014: 2:00 PM. Popper Seminar

29/10/2014: 5:50 PM. Choice Group