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The Centre organises seminars, lectures, conferences and workshops as part of its routine activities. It also hosts events organised by the LSE Philosophy Department and the British Society for the Philosophy of Science.


Featured Events:

Real Estate Bubbles
Lessons Learned by Japan, UK, Sweden and China

Date: 1st December 2014

Venue: St Nicholas Cole Abbey, 114 Queen Victoria Street, EC4V 4BJ

Lead Organiser: Dr Ulf Dahlsten, CPNSS, LSE

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Upcoming Events

Brian Hill (HEC, Paris): Confidence-Based Decision Making
27/11/2014: 2:00 PM. Managing Severe Uncertainty

On Progress and Human Development: Paul Anand (The Open University), Catherine Audard (FEP & LSE), Jonathan Wolff (UCL)
27/11/2014: 6:30 PM. Forum for European Philosophy

Real Estate Bubbles, lessons learned by Japan, Uk, Sweden and China.
01/12/2014: 9:30 AM. Public Events

Edward Anderson (Cambridge): Spaces of Spaces
01/12/2014: 5:15 PM. Sigma Club

John Broome (University of Oxford): Ethics Matters in Climate Change
01/12/2014: 6:30 PM. Forum for European Philosophy

Gerhard Overland (Oslo University) TBA
03/12/2014: 5:30 PM. Choice Group

Richard Bradley (LSE): Pooling Expert Opinion
04/12/2014: 2:00 PM. Managing Severe Uncertainty

Accelerate Europe - the geographical imaginaries of accelerationism: Benjamin Noys (University of Chichester)
04/12/2014: 6:30 PM. Forum for European Philosophy

Catherine Elgin: Fallibilism
09/12/2014: 2:00 PM. Popper Seminar

Harold Nax (ETH, Zurich)
10/12/2014: 5:30 PM. Choice Group