Munich Re Programme Events

The following events were held as part of the Munich re programme. The aim of the events was to stimulate interactions between researchers, the insurance industry and policy-makers about key aspects of climate researchers.



Insurance in emerging markets: determinants of growth and the case of climate change?

This symposium on Insurance in Emerging Markets brought together a small group of leading academics and practitioners to discuss the different determinants of insurance growth. The aim was to have an open exchange on latest findings, considering evidence from emerging markets and developed markets, as well as comparing tools and methods for evaluation. (Symposium 5, LSE, November 2012)

Hurricane Forecasting: skill and value

LSE hosted an academic symposium on Hurricane Forecasting, with a focus on questions relating to the construction, evaluation and use of hurricane forecasts on seasonal scales. (Symposium 4, LSE, May 2012)

The Study of Economic Loss from Natural Disasters

A science symposium that took place in London. (Symposium 3, LSE, November 2010) 

Quantification and Interpretation of Trends in Economic and Insured Nat Cat Losses: how can climate change affect the frequency and severity of natural disasters?

Industry symposium that took place in Munich. (Symposium 2, November 2010)

Interpreting Models in a Climate Change Context

Experts on issues of climate and climate change risk management came together to explore how different modelling techniques could improve decision-making and risk assessing.  (Symposium 1, London, July 2009)

Industry roundtable

How can Climate Change Science and Economics Better Support the Insurance Industry?

An industry roundtable attended by 18 representatives of the insurance industry. May 2010


Improving the IPCC's Uncertainty Management in Assessing Climate Change, Impacts and Response

Professor Arthur Petersen (Munich Re programme Visiting Professor) discusses the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's uncertainty management. 13 May 2010

At War with the Weather

Professor Kunreuther (Munich Re programme Visiting Professor) explores some of the issues in his new book - including how to manage large-scale risks. October 2009

Other events

Reception and book launch

A reception and book launch were hosted at LSE on 23 May 2012, of Professor Arthur Petersen's book, 'Simulating Nature: a philosophical study of computer-simulation uncertainties and their role in climate science and policy advice'.

Summary Note Risk Perception workshop

A workshop looking at risk perception and insurance in the context of climate change. May 2011