Raihana  Diani

Raihana Diani

Activist in Residence - 2017

Centre for Women, Peace and Security

About me

Raihana Diani is a women's rights activist from Aceh, Indonesia. Raihan has worked for more than 15 years on democracy, women’s rights, human rights and post conflict political transformation in Aceh.

From 2000 till 2005, Raihan was chairwoman of Acehnese Women Organization for Democracy (ORPAD).  For six months in 2002 she was a political prisoner, imprisoned  following her role in peaceful demonstration against the military operation in Aceh. 

Raihan is also the coordinator of Beujroh, a women’s organisation that works for public awareness, post conflict transformation and political empowerment of women in Aceh. 

During her residency at the Centre for Women, Peace and Security, Raihan is continuing work on a personal project telling the stories of women survivors of conflict in Aceh. This women’s narrative will tell the direct experience of violent conflict and survival. Raihan is also a film producer and is currently working on a documentary showing the resilience of women in Aceh.