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Implementing the Women, Peace and Security Agenda: national action plans and beyond

Hosted by the Centre for Women, Peace and Security



 Professor Laura J Shepherd

Professor Laura J Shepherd

Professor of International Relations, University of Sydney


Dr Paul Kirby

Dr Paul Kirby

Assistant Professorial Research Fellow with the Centre for Women, Peace and Security

As we approach the 20th anniversary of the adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on ‘women and peace and security’, it is timely to consider the remarkable successes of the policy architecture formalised by the resolution.

There are now nine related resolutions drawing attention to various dimensions of gendered power in peace and security processes and institutions; these resolutions form a robust framework for many efforts and initiatives aimed at ameliorating gendered inequalities, exclusions, and harms in conflict-affected settings. The resolutions themselves guide implementation across the UN system and, for implementation at the national and regional levels, states and organisations have devised national and regional ‘action plans’ outlining the priority areas for action under the broad auspices of the ‘Women, Peace and Security agenda’. This talk provides an overview of these mechanisms for implementation and introduces a new database that presents quantitative analysis of the 81 current national action plans to identify trends and emerging issues. 


Professor Laura J Shepherd (@drljshepherd) is Professor of International Relations at the University of Sydney and Visiting Fellow in the LSE Centre for Women, Peace and Security. Laura’s primary research focuses on the United Nations Security Council’s Women, Peace and Security agenda. She has written extensively on the formulation of UNSCR1325 and subsequent Women, Peace and Security resolutions, and her research engages the motifs of participation and protection that characterise debates about women, peace and security in global politics. 


Dr Paul Kirby (@ is an Assistant Professorial Research Fellow with the Centre for Women, Peace and Security, and a Co-Director of the UKRI GCRF Gender, Justice and Security Hub. Paul’s research focuses on the politics of the Women, Peace and Security agenda; the various manifestations of the claim that rape is a ‘weapon of war’; and critical international political theory, especially feminist and gender theory. 

The Centre for Women, Peace and Security (@LSE_WPS) is an academic space for scholars, practitioners, activists and policy makers to develop strategies to promote justice, human rights and participation of women in conflict affected areas.

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