National Action Plans

Building on civil society energies, wisdom, and experience… The NAP should be useful, it should be durable, it should make a difference you feel on your skin

Secretary Teresita Quintos Deles of the Philippines

National Action Plans are an important vehicle for the implementation of the Women, Peace and Security agenda. Each Action Plan is a roadmap that shows a state’s WPS priorities and shows how their activities are governed, funded, and monitored.

The website we have built presents data on current and previous Plans in an interactive display, which can be searched by region, country, year, and topic. The National Action Plans (NAPs) themselves are also available to download here, along with a report on the key findings from our analysis.


This research examines the three dimensions of the Women, Peace and Security agenda:

  • The formation of the agenda at the UN Security Council and its diffusion across the UN system.
  • The implementation of the agenda at the national level, primarily through the development and adoption of National Action Plans.
  • And the advocacy of civil society organisations related to the WPS agenda both within countries and transnationally.

This research was funded by the Australian Research Council (DP160100212) and conducted in partnership with the University of Sydney.