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Research Themes

Read about the LSE Phelan United States Centre's research themes.

Rethinking America’s Role in the World

At a time when new international forces such as the rise of China, terrorism, and climate change, as well as global economic restructuring, are leading policy-makers on both sides of the Atlantic to question the relevance of the West, we need to better understand the international and domestic forces that shape the US-European relationship. The Phelan US Centre will play a leading role in this effort by sharpening our understanding of the international challenges facing the West and identifying new possibilities for transatlantic policy innovation, bilateral cooperation, and ideological recalibration.

Governing America in the 21st Century

Employing LSE strengths in comparative political analysis, the ‘Governing America in the 21st Century’ stream will shine a spotlight on aspects of domestic governance and democratic representation that are shaping Washington’s capacity to generate policy outputs today. Of particular importance are the political effects of economic insecurity, runaway political spending, and public mistrust of government and business leaders. This stream will also focus on the relationship between government policies and business (e.g. regulatory policy, antitrust policy, industrial policy) and the growing importance of America’s states as incubators of policy innovation and change.

Globalisation and the Reshaping of America

Globalisation is often equated with ‘Americanisation’, but it is also transforming US society. Increasing inequality, wage stagnation, and falling living standards are some of the most obvious manifestations. Uneven patterns of regional growth and declining public support for freer trade, liberal immigration, and public investment are others. Developing effective responses to these disparities in wealth and opportunity is critical to America’s long-term health and welfare and, importantly, to its willingness to lead internationally.


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