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Centre Affiliate Publications

Recent research and publications from Phelan US Centre Affiliates and Visiting Fellows

Roham Alvandi (Department of International History)

Chris Anderson (European Institute)

Paul Apostolidis (Department of Government)

Steven Casey (Department of International History)

Michael Cox (LSE IDEAS)

Rebecca Elliott (Department of Sociology)

Tanya Harmer (Department of International History)

Elizabeth Ingleson (Department of International History)

  • Publication type: Journal Article
    Title: Four Hundred Million Customers. 
    Source: Australasian Journal of American Studies35(1).
    Date: 2016

Johann Koehler (Department of Social Policy)

Corina Lacatus (Phelan US Centre Visiting Fellow)

  • Publication type: Journal Article
    Title: Separated by a Common Hope: The Diplomacy of Hope and Transatlantic Relations in Times of Political Change [Under Review]
    Source: Perspectives on Politics
    Co-author: Emmanuelle Blanc
  • Publication type: Journal Article
    Title: Populiism, Competitive Authoritarianism, and Foreign Policy: The case of Uganda's 2021 election [Forthcoming]
    Source: Global Studies Quarterly
  • Publication type: Journal Article
    Title: National Human Rights Institutions: Independent actors in global human rights governance? [Forthcoming]
    Source: International Affairs
    Co-author: Valentina Carraro
  • Publication type: Journal Article
    Title: Saying it like it is: Right-wing populist leaders, political communication and foreign policy 
    Co-author: Gustav Meibauer
    Source: The British Journal of Politics and International Relations 24:3
    Date: 2022

Nicola Lacey (Department of Law)

Stephanie Rickard (Department of Government)

  • Publication type: Book Chapter
    Title: Open economy politics revisited.
    Source: In: Pevehouse, Jon C. W. and Seabrooke, Leonard, (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of International Political Economy
    Date: 2021
    Publisher: Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK
  • Publication type: Journal Article
    Title: Incumbents beware: the impact of offshoring on elections.
    Source: British Journal of Political Science. 1 - 23.
    Date: 2021
    ISSN 0007-1234
  • Publication type: Journal Article
    Title: Economic geography, politics, and policy.
    Source: Annual Review of Political Science, 23. 187 - 202.
    Date: 2020
    ISSN 1094-2939
  • Publication type: Journal Article
    Title: International demands for austerity: examining the impact of the IMF on the public sector.
    Source: Review of International Organizations, 14 (1). pp. 35-57.
    Co-author: Teri L Caraway
    Date: 2019
    ISSN 1559-7431
  • Publication type: Book Chapter
    Title: Spending to win: political Institutions, economic geography, and government subsidies.
    Source: Political economy of institutions and decisions.
    Date: 2018
    Publisher: Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.
    ISBN 9781108422321

Jessie Speer (Department of Geography and Environment)

  • Publication type: Journal Article
    Title: The Prison Law Archive: Dangerous papers, activist archives, and anti-prison resistance.  
    Source: In print at Professional Geographer. 
    Co-author: S Jones
    Date: 2021
  • Publication type: Journal Article
    Title: Subalternity as displacement: Memoirs of homelessness and the struggle to be heard. 
    Source: Environment and Planning D: Society and Space. 
    Date: 2021
  • Publication type: Journal Article
    Title: The city is not innocent: Homelessness, survival, and the value of urban nature. 
    Source: Capitalism Nature Socialism. 31(3): 24-41.  
    Date: 2020
  • Publication type: Journal Article
    Title: “A collection of stories, poetry and theories”: Homelessness, outsider memoirs, and the right to theorize.   
    Source: GeoHumanities. 5(2): 326-341.
    Date: 2019
  • Publication type: Journal Article
    Title: Urban makeovers, homeless encampments, and the aesthetics of displacement.  
    Source: Social & Cultural Geography. 20(4): 575-595.
    Date: 2019

Luca Tardelli (Department of International Relations)

  • Publication type: Journal Article
    Title: The past, present, and future of intervention.
    Source: Review of International Studies, 39 (05). pp. 1233-1253
    Co-author: George Lawson
    Date: 2013 
  • Publication type: PhD thesis
    Title: When elites fight: elites and the politics of U.S. military interventions in internal conflicts
    Source: LSE
    Date: 2013
  • Publication type: LSE IDEAS Special Report
    Title: The United States after unipolarity: Obama’s interventions: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya.(SR009)
    Date: 2011
  • Publication type: Journal Article
    Title: Fred Halliday: achievements, ambivalences and openings.
    Source: Millennium: Journal of International Studies, 39 (2). pp. 235-258.
    Co-authors: George Lawson and Alejandro Colas
    Date: 2010 

Imaobong Umoren (Department of International History)

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