Online learning experience

Earn a globally-recognised qualification from the University of London entirely online and expand your global network.

The University of London Online Taught undergraduate programmes in Economics, Management, Finance and the Social Sciences (EMFSS) are designed with flexibility in mind, to suit your schedule. You will be able to earn a world-class UK degree from wherever you are in the world, and engage with a diverse, global community.

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The online learning experience

With personalised support, leading technology and real-time engagement opportunities, you have the flexibility you need to study your degree in a format that complements your goals, lifestyle and location. 

The Digital Campus The Digital Campus



On-demand course materials 

Your course materials and videos – developed by leading LSE academics specifically for online learning – are all available on demand via desktop, mobile or tablet, which means you can access them anywhere you have an internet connection. You can also download materials via the mobile app for easy offline access. Your study materials will include digital or downloadable course notes, videos, discussion forums, formative assessments, course work, study skills, past examination papers and examiners’ commentaries.


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Live online sessions 

You’ll attend fortnightly live sessions led by your class teacher, where you’ll have the opportunity to reflect on core concepts and consolidate your learning, as well as collaborate with classmates from across the globe. Our diverse student population will provide you with an international learning experience and equip you with a truly global outlook


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Engagement-focused features

Our leading Digital Campus is designed with engagement in mind, and features amenities and tools that accommodate your personal learning preferences: 

  • Smarter Screen Time: Leverage focus mode to remove all on-screen content except your course material. Late night? Reduce eye strain with our dark mode feature.
  • Built-In Study Tools: Customise your learning experience with video playback settings, captioning options and searchable course transcripts.
  • Flexible Formats: Stream course videos directly to your TV or use our mobile app to stay connected, review course materials and keep learning on the go.



Real-time interaction

The quality of your relationships should match the quality of your education. Our Digital Campus offers multiple ways to connect and form lasting relationships with your fellow students, including group meetings, discussion forums and message boards – enabling you to develop a diverse and international network


Student experience, support and events

As an Online Taught EMFSS student, you’ll also get access to dedicated support and resources, and be welcomed into a truly connected, global community of students and professionals.

  • Holistic support 
    When you apply, you will be paired with a dedicated Admissions Counsellor who can help you navigate entry requirements and provide personalised support. When you enrol, we match you with a Student Success Advisor who helps track your academic progress to ensure you meet your goals. You’ll also have access to 24/7 technical assistance to ensure a smooth and supported digital learning experience.
  • Graduation and your global alumni network
    During and after your studies, you will interact with students and professionals across the globe. When you graduate, you’ll become part of an influential, diverse University of London alumni network, with members in over 190 countries. Being part of this alumni network provides a wide range of benefits: taking part in global events, meeting other graduates in their academic or professional field, sharing your experience with potential students, or just staying in contact with the University. Students who are awarded a degree will be invited to attend the annual University of London graduation ceremony in London to celebrate their achievement with family and fellow graduates.
  • The LSE community
    As an EMFSS student, you will be an important member of the global LSE community and have reference access to the LSE library – the world’s largest library specialising in social and political science.  Prior to your University of London graduation ceremony, you will also have the opportunity to attend a graduate EMFSS student reception at LSE in London, where University of London EMFSS graduates and their families are invited to meet with LSE staff and academics in the historic Shaw Library. There are also further opportunities to study at LSE and learn from leading faculty.
  • Career resources
    Grow your professional network and develop your career with exclusive tools, resources, and support from wherever you are in the world. As an online EMFSS student, this includes a Virtual Careers Centre which provides you with the information and tools that supports your career goals, whether you are looking for a new job or growing in your current role. You’ll also have the opportunity to attend virtual career-related webinars and network with prospective employers and industry experts, as well as build a personal career development plan assisted by our dedicated careers team. Read more about careers and employability.

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