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How to apply

As international students, we benefited highly from the LSE's academic guidance, study guide books and from the academic direction of professors, who created the courses. It was an essential part of the programme for me.
Yuriy Babenko, Russia, University of London, Independent study, Bachelors in Economics and Management

Study by independent learning

Before you apply for your EMFSS programme, you should read the information and guidance here and on the relevant programme pages.

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Find more information about our entry requirements.


Study at a global teaching institution

Students wishing to learn at a global teaching institution are advised to contact them before submitting your application.

You can find a global teaching institution that offers your programme in the Directory of Teaching Institutions on the University of London Programme's website.

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Key dates

Key dates
Application deadline for
BSc and Graduate Diploma
1 October in the year before you
intend to sit your examinations 
Registration deadline for
BSc and Graduate Diploma
30 November
Application deadline for
the Certificate of Higher Education
in Social Sciences
You must apply directly to
an institution with Certificate
teaching status. Please contact
them for their application
deadline: University of London
Registration deadline for
the Certificate of Higher Education
in Social Sciences
31 October
Study materials Available soon after completing
registration and payment
Examinations May and June


Getting started

Apply online through your selected programme page on the University of London Course Finder.

Students in Hong Kong or the Asia-Pacific region may wish to consider applying directly through the Admissions Centre at HKU SPACE.

Stage 1

  • Submit your online application form and application fee. Please note the application fee is non-refundable.

Stage 2

  • Submit your documentary evidence. This can be done online when submitting your application or at a later stage. Please see further information on Please do not send original documents.

Stage 3
We will contact you by email with one of the following:

  • Offer Letter
    If you meet our entrance requirements and we have seen all required documentation then we will send you an Offer Letter.
  • Request for further information
    We might require further documentation/information before we can confirm if you meet our entrance requirements.
  • We have referred your application to The Admissions Panel
    If you do not automatically meet our entrance requirements then we will refer your application to The Admissions Panel for individual consideration. The Admissions Panel will consider qualifications which are not published under the Qualifications for Entrance Schedule, incomplete qualifications and substantial relevant work experience. If we cannot accept you with your current qualifications and experience then we will advise you on what qualifications you could take in order to meet our entrance requirements in the future.

Stage 4

  • Complete the online registration. We explain how to do this in the offer letter.

Stage 5

  • Start your studies. Once you register you will be given access to the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). We will also send you additional study materials to your correspondence address.

Further guidance

Submit your application even if you are waiting to sit an examination or to receive examination results. We can begin to process your application without all the evidence, although we will not be able to give you a final decision until all the necessary documentation has been received.

If you are unsure on whether or not you meet our entrance requirements then we may be able to advise you on this before you submit your online application.

Email UoLP 

Applications are valid for three years.