Why choose a University of London qualification?

The benefits of studying with the University of London and LSE

In a fast-changing environment of worldwide access to higher education, a University of London degree continues to offer a guarantee of quality, value and intellectual rigour.

Professor Wendy Thomson Vice-Chancellor, University of London

In an increasingly competitive international job market, it is vital to choose a degree or diploma that will help you stand out from the crowd. By earning a globally recognised University of London qualification while learning from world-class LSE academics, you will walk away with a diverse range of professional skills designed for the modern business environment.


Students select a University of London qualification in Economics, Management, Finance or the Social Sciences (EMFSS) for several reasons: 

  • Internationally-recognised qualification
  • Academic direction from LSE faculty
  • Fast track to professional accreditation 
  • Study abroad opportunities at LSE 
  • Postgraduate study opportunities 
  • Flexibility to study anywhere in the world
  • High-level of student support 
  • A global and diverse alumni network 

Studying with LSE and the University of London, you’ll benefit from: 


Affordable, world-class UK education

The University of London is one of the world’s leading universities, internationally recognised for its high academic standards. Studying through the University of London’s world-renowned distance learning options is an affordable and practical alternative to coming to London to study on campus, and with academic direction from LSE you’ll get access to a world-class UK education from wherever you are in the world. With no relocation or accommodation costs, the EMFSS programmes represent great value for money. As a University of London student, you’ll become part of a diverse, global network of students and professionals. 

Flexibility to suit your life

You can manage your studies to fit in with your own personal and professional commitments. We aim to give our EMFSS students as much choice as possible about how, when and where they study. Some prefer the flexibility of being able to study online, and engage with classmates from across the globe. Others prefer the benefits of face-to-face teaching and choose to enrol at one of over 30 carefully-selected local teaching centres. Whichever study option you choose, you’ll benefit from having access to learning materials developed by world-class LSE academics, while you earn a prestigious University of London degree.

Access to thought leadership

Academic direction for these programmes is provided by LSE – globally renowned for our academic excellence, unparalleled interdisciplinary approach to education, and our commitment to understanding the causes of things. By embarking on an undergraduate degree with us and the University of London, you’ll gain access to invaluable insights from LSE faculty who are influential experts in their field. LSE academics and their world-leading research shape the high quality curriculum, course content and study materials specifically designed for these programmes, ensuring you emerge with a qualification that equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to excel in your area of study and into your career for many years to come.

An enriching student experience

The University of London is committed to providing a nurturing and enriching experience for all students, during and beyond their studies. You will be supported throughout your studies and will have access to a variety of useful resources and services – from essential study skills to mental health and wellbeing resources. You will also be able to access the University of London Online Library free of charge from wherever you are in the world. Registered students are welcome to use the Senate House Library in London and access the main LSE Library for reference purposes. You’ll also have the opportunity to engage with career events and access online resources to support you in achieving your career goals.

Qualifications that employers value

LSE was founded to understand the causes of things in order to transform them. It is our commitment that the EMFSS programmes will give students the ability to lead in solving problems of contemporary global relevance. Students will graduate with additional knowledge, skills and ways of thinking about the world that will translate to further study at undergraduate or master’s level, or to the workplace. EMFSS students go onto careers in a wide variety of fields, from accounting, banking and information systems, to the media, civil service and journalism. Select programmes contribute to further professional accreditation with a number of international professional bodies. Take a look at our accredited programmes to find out more. 

Opportunities to study in London at LSE

EMFSS students have a range of opportunities study at LSE in London while completing a University of London programme. Each year, we welcome EMFSS students who take advantage of their 15% discount on course fees and  choose to join our 3-week Summer School. EMFSS summer school scholars get the invaluable opportunity to join a global gathering of over 7,000 students, and often earn credit  towards their final qualification.  

Students who have completed the equivalent of at least four full courses on their University of London EMFSS degree programme are also able to apply for admission to the LSE General Course, which allows students from overseas universities to spend a full academic year at LSE and claim credit for the successful completion of relevant courses.  

All EMFSS graduates are welcome to apply to pursue further study at LSE. Two scholarships are also awarded each year to EMFSS graduates who are accepted onto a postgraduate course at LSE.  

Find out more about studying at LSE.

Earn a globally recognised qualification

When you graduate with a degree, diploma or certificate from the University of London you will receive two important documents – the Final Diploma (the certificate you receive on graduation) and a Diploma Supplement: 

The Final Diploma

  • Indicates that you were registered with the University of London and awarded a University of London degree, diploma or certificate 
  • Gives the name of the London School of Economics and Political Science as the member institution that developed the syllabus, curriculum and provided assessment
  • Features the University of London crest and the Vice-Chancellor’s signature. 

The Diploma Supplement

  • Describes the nature, level and content of the programme you successfully completed
  • Includes the transcript of courses taken, marks achieved and overall classification
  • States the role of the London School of Economics and Political Science and the method of study


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