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The people and especially fellow students that I have met were simply amazing; they really made my stay in Beijing one to remember.

Maxim Roben, Vrije Universiteit, Netherlands

forbidden city daniela riu shou 2019

"The two weeks at the LSE-PKU Summer School have been incredible. Living on PKU campus was a great way to truly experience Beijing and become immersed into Chinese culture, including learning how to communicate in Mandarin and tasting amazing food. The course exceeded my expectations by being engaging and challenging every single day. I can use the knowledge I have gained in both my academic and future professional life. Last but certainly not least, meeting new people and making friends from all over the world with different backgrounds, sharing experiences like walking the countless steps to get to the Great Wall, tasting Beijing’s famous duck for the first time, or studying together every day, has made this an unforgettable experience!" Daniela Riu, University of Exeter, UK

mutianyu joseph ong 2019

“My favorite part was meeting people from across the world as well as learning about Beijing and China from a different perspective than that frequently portrayed by Western media outlets. I would really recommend classmates and colleagues to participate in this programme to bridge the cultural gap that I, as an overseas Chinese person, frequently see!” Joseph Jun Sian Ong, UCL, UK

pku self study building zeng xuan 2019

"I took the LPS-LL203 Forces Behind the Dynamics of Chinese Business Law course. I have never learnt law before, it was an blank area in my knowledge toolkit. The course helped me to develop a decent sense of legal thinking. I will transfer this knowledge to my daily work to promote UK business excellence in the China market. The best part of the course is the moot court, because it involved group work and gave me lots of opportunities to talk to my classmates. The sessions were so interactive, I was able learn from everyone." Zeng Xuan, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, China

lesar sahin 2019

"Due to the wide range of students coming from different countries and regions, the cultural experience not only from the chinese perspective but also from the international perspective was extraordinary. People of all ages and nearly all countries of the globe attended the Summer School making the experience of studying with so many international students unforgettable two weeks. The best part about the summer school were the friendships one made during the stay with people from all over the world. Every participant was special in its own way, different cultures and habits colliding with one another but at the same time all of us had something in common: achieving the best result possible within our courses as well as creating unforgettable memories in the heart of China."  Lesar Sahin, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany 


"I strongly believe that learning from the course curriculum is 50% and learning through peers is the other 50%. My class lived up to the expectations." Arjun Natarajan, Associate Software Engineer, India