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The Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method

The Philosophy Department is very supportive. We have an academic mentorship programme set up with the professors. We are also integrated into a family system with the second- and third-year students who are on our course. It is absolutely an intellectually challenging and stimulating environment.

Kelly Choi, BSc Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)

Welcome to the Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method and congratulations on your offer to study with us. Here you can meet our students and staff virtually and find out more about the department and your programme. Take your time to browse through the information and follow the links to our department webpages to really get to know us.

We hope you can get a sense of what we as a Department are all about, from the comfort of your home, and hope to have you join us in September.

If you have any questions regarding your application then please contact the undergraduate admissions team.

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Top three reasons why you should study philosophy at LSE

  1. LSE Philosophy specialises in a type of philosophy that is both continuous with the sciences and socially relevant.
  2. LSE Philosophy graduates enjoy especially high career prospects.
  3. LSE Philosophy hosts a rich and varied programme of conferences and events featuring some of the world’s leading philosophers. All such events are open to our students.

You can also find out more about the Department and discover more reasons why you should join us at LSE on the departmental website.

Hear from our students and faculty

To find out more about what it is like to be a student in the Department take a look at the LSE Philosophy Society and their journal Rerum Causae.

To meet the faculty in the Department watch our YouTube playlist.

Virtual Undergraduate Offer Holders' Day

Watch the Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method offer holders' session from our Virtual Undergraduate Offer Holders' Day in April 2023:

Watch the philosophy subject taster session Watch the philosophy subject taster session
Watch the philosophy subject taster session


Listen to talks and taster sessions from previous events

Here you will find various talks which we have recorded at past events which you can listen to at your leisure:

Find out more details about your programme

Click on the programme you have received an offer for to remind yourself about the detail of the course you have applied for including information on careers, programme structure, course choices and teaching at LSE.

Our research and events

As a department we are always busy. Explore our research and the events we put on below.

Explore our research

Take a look at our events

Browse the LSE Philosophy blog

Listen to our podcast 'Out of the Vat'

On our YouTube channel we also have a range of seminars and publications for you to watch. We would recommend The Choice Group, The Sigma Club, The Popper Seminar and Conjecture and Refutations, talk by Carlo Rovelli from 2016 and Alex Voorhoeve’s Inaugural Professorial Lecture.

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