Dr Burak Sonmez

Dr Burak Sonmez

LSE Fellow in Quantitative Social Research Methods

Department of Sociology

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STC 206
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English, Turkish
Key Expertise
Social norms; Trust; Collective action; Public opinion; Experimental & CSS

About me

I am an LSE Fellow in Quantitative Social Research Methods. My broad research interests centre around social norms, trust, collective action, and public opinion. My studies primarily use experimental and CSS methods to understand social preferences in various domains and identify their underlying mechanisms.

Prior to joining the LSE, I received my Ph.D. in Sociology at University of Essex, where I also taught the module called Models & Measurement in Quantitative Sociology. I hold a Master’s degree in Longitudinal Social Research from the same institution and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Bilkent University.

I frequently engage in research collaborations. One of my collaborative research appears in European Sociological Review. The project analyses the causal mechanism where trusting and trustworthy environments promote collective action, as people learn to rely on their fellow citizens and believe that only few individuals will free ride, using a real-time online interactive experiment. I work on several other experimental research projects to study a wide range of topics, such as motivated reasoning and public preferences for scientists; asymmetric factual information environment and public preferences for asylum seekers; third-party punishment against human rights violators; the impact of family ties on social trust; and the impact of mistrust on preferences for private ordering.

I also currently hold a BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grant for the research project “Humanitarian Communication: Gated Information and Sentiments towards Asylum Seekers and Refugees”. This two-year project uses automated text analysis and experimental method. The first part aims to identify the structure and direction of informational contents on asylum seekers and refugees in policy reports in the UK and social media, and the second part is to unveil how policy debates on asylum seekers and refugees affect public preferences of British citizens on asylum seekers and refugees.

Selected publications: 

(2021) "The Effect of Trusting and Trustworthy Environments on the Provision of Public Goods", with Lo Iacono, S., European Sociological Review   

Expertise Details

Social norms; Trust; Collective action; Public opinion; Experimental and CSS methods