Dr Yazmin Morlet Corti

Dr Yazmin Morlet Corti

Fellow in Quantitative Social Methods

Department of Sociology

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English, Spanish
Key Expertise
Political Sociology, Privacy, Quantitative Methods, Comparative Politics

About me

Yazmin completed her PhD in Politics at The University of Edinburgh in 2022 and holds a Master’s in Political Science with a speciality in electoral politics from the Central European University (CEU).

She graduated with a BA from Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico with Honours in Communication Sciences (focus on political communication, campaigns, and discourse).

Her PhD compared attitudes towards online privacy and political culture in Mexico and Spain. She argues that studies focusing on privacy attitudes tend to oversimplify privacy into concerns. In addition, privacy research traditionally focuses solely on survey responses and fails to consider contextual integrity and social desirability. Yazmin’s research contributes to understanding privacy attitudes-behaviours by integrating the relationship between political culture and privacy and considering contextual integrity, which is understood as privacy expectations. The study used measures within political culture to explain behaviours and attitudes towards privacy. The design of the multimethod tool which she employed can be reproduced and employed by researchers to systematically collect responses in comparative case studies.

Her current research focuses on data protection practices in government agencies in Mexico.  She has participated in outreach and public engagement on privacy recommendations for users in Mexico and the UK.


Bauld, L. Street, A. Connelly, R. Bevan, I. Morlet Corti, Y. Baxter, M. Stagg, H. Christison, S. Mulherin, T. Sinclair, L. Aitman, T. “Student and staff views and experiences of asymptomatic testing on a university campus during the Covid-19 pandemic in Scotland: The TestEd study”. (2023). BMJ open. (Forthcoming).

Morlet Corti, Y. (2017). Book Review: Dietmar Braun and Martino Maggetti (eds), Comparative Politics: Theoretical and Methodological Challenges. Political Studies Review, 2017, Vol.15(4), pp.645-645.

Book Chapters

Silva, B. C., Andreadis, I., Anduiza, E., Blanuša, N., Rico, G., Littvay, L., & Morlet Corti, Y. (2019). Public opinion surveys. A new Scale, in The ideational approach to populism. Concept theory and analysis. Hawkings, Carlin, Littvay, Rovira. Ed. Routledge.

Morlet Corti, Y. (2017). El Pacto por México en las urnas: crisis de participación elecciones 2015. In La crisis del Estado y el Pacto por México. Mexico: Educación y cultura.

Morlet Corti, Y. (2015). Análisis comparativo entre la iniciativa de Enrique Peña Nieto y A.C.T.A. In El pacto por México y la comunicación política. Mexico: LEEA Editores.

Morlet Corti, Y. (2013). La campaña del PRI por el Gobierno del DF. In República de Telenovela Medios Campañas y Elección 2012. Mexico: Comunicación y política.


Morlet Corti, Y. (2012). Los Valores Capitalistas en el Discurso de Barack Obama: Análisis. Spain: Editorial Académica Española.

Honours and awards

Human Data Interaction Network Plus: Legibility, Agency, Negotiability funding for the project: A Multimedia Tool in English for Engaging with Privacy (English version) from July 2020/ December 2020. EPSRC (base, University of Glasgow).

Edinburgh Award 2019/2020, The University of Edinburgh,

Google Research Credits for Yoshik Application, June 2020,

Expertise Details

Political Sociology; Privacy; Quantitative Methods; Comparative Politics