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Our degrees are diverse, exciting, dynamic and contemporary and play a crucial role in contemporary policy.

My degree combined practical relevance with a global scope, and teaching that frequently challenged conventional wisdom
Rhea talks about her interest in Social Policy and the LSE undergraduate programme Rhea talks about her interest in Social Policy and the LSE undergraduate programme
Rhea talks about going to work for the UK Financial Conduct Authority and how studying BSc Social Policy helped her achieve her goals. London School of Economics and Political Science


Social policy is concerned with real world issues such as poverty, social exclusion and global population change. It is about understanding and addressing social problems in society and examines the formation and implementation of policy, and how this affects people’s wellbeing.

Have you ever thought about:

- Why is inequality increasing?
- What kind of care do we need for our ageing population?
- What challenges does globalisation pose for social policies?
- What causes reductions or increases in crime?
- Who benefits and who loses from immigration?

All of these question are aspects of social policy. In fact, fields such as: education, housing, criminal justice, international development, social security and personal social services are all covered by the degree programmes. They allow you to concentrate on mainstream social policy issues, or combine a strong social policy interest with another central social science.

The Department of Social Policy is a vibrant place to study. Our faculty are leading experts in the field, are continuously involved in policy debate and their research has a direct impact on policy. More about us.

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