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Measuring research quality in a more inclusive way

New research from Erin Hengel, Almudena Sevilla and Sarah Smith “suggest that comprehensive definitions of research quality may be more effective at promoting diversity in academia compared to narrower measures."
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Congratulations to Margaux Suteau for her PhD completion

Congratulations to Margaux Suteau who has successfully completed her PhD in Economics at CY Cergy Paris Université and ESSEC Business School under the supervision of Stefania Marcassa and Olivier Donni. In her acknowledgements, Margaux gave thanks to many including academics in the Department of Social Policy at LSE.

“I also want to thank Almudena Sevilla and the PARENTIME team, for welcoming me to LSE and for her support this past year and a half. You have not only been an academic mentor but also a source of inspiration for my journey in academia. Finally, because I have found a new professional home in London thanks to the many great researchers and scholars of the Department of Social Policy, I want to thank them very much the Department for welcoming me so warmly to their team. I particularly want to acknowledge Lucinda Platt, Berkay Ozcan, Liam Beiser-Mcgrath, as well as all participants of the quantitative reading group, who have provided me with feedback and encouragement for my PhD work and the new projects I started in LSE.”


Crafting the Core: The Science Behind the Contribution of a Paper

For the last two decades, Professor Almudena Sevilla’s dedication has been towards empowering women in the Economics profession, a male-dominated discipline. To equip women Economist in academia with tools for success she has developed "Crafting the Core: The Science Behind the Contribution of a Paper":

·     Crafting the Core: Beyond the art of research, there's a precision, a method to perfecting the epicenter of any groundbreaking paper.

·     The Science Behind: This has never been about intuition alone. It’s a systematic, replicable, and logical blueprint to craft the essence of impactful research.

·     Contribution of a Paper: It's all about the intrinsic value, the innovation, and the unparalleled insights a paper can bring to its domain.

Almudena shed light on this important issue at a workshop at the Universidad de Sevilla in November 2023 with long-term colleagues and collaborators Pilar Cuevas-Ruiz and Cristina Borra.


Congratulations to Claudia Goldin for her Nobel Prize in Economics

We congratulate Claudia Goldin for her Nobel Prize in Economics. The Department of Social Policy and the Department of Economic History hosted her in 2021 for an event which took the form of an open conversation discussing the themes of gender equity and couple equity as presented in Claudia Goldin’s book, Career and Family: Women’s Century-Long Journey toward Equity. Watch the video here.

Professor Almudena Sevilla interviewed Claudia Goldin in 2022. The interview is published in the Royal Economic Society newsletter.


Professor Lucinda Platt features on IFS podcast on gender

IFS podcast mini-series host Soumaya Keynes speaks to Alison Andrew, Christine Farquharson and Lucinda Platt in the recent podcast 'Still a man's world? Gender inequalities, parenthood and the workplace'. Access the podcast here.


New approaches to economics research are reshaping how we understand and respond to gender stereotypes

New ways of analysing data from images and text are being used by economists to study discrimination in the labour market. A recent workshop, hosted by the Centre for Economic Performance and the Department of Social Policy at LSE, discussed cutting-edge research on discrimination and gender stereotypes in the field of economics. Conference organiser Almudena Sevilla speaks to Myung Jin about researching the impact of gender stereotypes and how this field is evolving. Read more here.


Professor Almudena Sevilla appointed new Council member of the Royal Economic Society

Congratulations to Professor Almudena Sevilla who has been appointed a new Council member of the Royal Economic Society. She will serve in this position until 2028.

The Royal Economic Society is a learned society and membership organization founded in 1890. Their purpose is to promote the study of economic science.


Dr Berkay Ozcan elected to the RC28 Board

Congratulations to Dr Berkay Ozcan who has been elected to the board of Research Council 28 (RC28) Social Stratification and Mobility of the International Sociological Association

RC28 general objectives are to promote high quality research on social stratification and social mobility, and the international exchange of scientific information in this field.

Erin Hengel winner of the 2022 Austin Robinson Memorial Prize

The 2022 Austin Robinson Memorial Prize has been awarded to Erin Hengel for the article ‘Publishing While Female: Are Women Held to Higher Standards? Evidence From Peer Review.’

The Austin Robinson Memorial Prize is awarded annually for the best paper published in The Economic Journal by an author (or authors) who are within five years of receiving their PhD. Read more here.



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