Get involved


What are the ways to participate in the initiative? There are various options for involvement and contributing to various projects.​

As a policy-maker, you have the opportunity to join the initiative to advance gender equality by assisting our research team with implementing field experiments and evaluating policies aimed at narrowing the gender gap. Our team has expertise in a variety of settings, for instance schools, and by collaborating with us, you can implement effective policies and enhance your credibility with our specialized knowledge in policy evaluation.​

As a company leader, you can also participate in the project by working with us to conduct field experiments within your company to identify specific solutions to gender inequality. Additionally, you can get involved by providing company data to aid our team in understanding the origins of inequality, allowing us to perform state-of-the-art statistical analysis that can be used within your company to share with employees, board members, and potential clients. Our team has the capability to handle large datasets and conduct field experiments, which ensures the protection of data confidentiality and supports the objectives of your organization.


As a researcher
We welcome faculty and research students to visit our Hub. For further information please get in touch with Prof. Ismael Sanz Labrador who will guide you through the process.