Lab Leads



Dr Timothy Hildebrandt (he/them)

Associate Professor of Social Policy and Development, Department of Social Policy. 

Blake Miller

Dr Blake Miller (he/him)

Assistant Professor of Computational Social Science, Department of Methodology.


Hakan Seckinelgin

Dr Hakan Seckinelgin (they/them)

Associate Professor (Reader) of International Social Policy, Department of Social Policy.







Eliz Wong (she/her)

Eliz Wong is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Social Policy at LSE. Her research areas focus on policies related to sexual and gender minorities and their impacts on this marginalised population. Her PhD research explores the power and limits of same-sex marriage legalisation in Asia, with a particular emphasis on the interaction between the policy, family and sexuality.



Guodong Ju (he/him)

Guodong Ju is a PhD candidate in the Department of Social Policy at LSE. His research employs Big Data and uses advanced quantitative methods to understand general public’s attitudes toward LGBTQ+ people in China, and the extent to which there is a unified ‘imagined community’ of sexual minorities in the country. 




Songyin Liu (he/him)

Songyin Liu (pronouns) is a final-year PhD student in the Department of Media and Communications at LSE. His primary research interests are gender and communication theories, digital culture, and queer theories in the Chinese context. Songyin’s doctoral research focuses specifically on the performative authenticity negotiation of transgender people in their everyday engagements online and offline.



Joe Strong (he/him)

Joe Strong is a PhD candidate and researcher. His research focuses on men and how constructions of masculinities shape sexual and reproductive health, particularly around emergency contraception and abortion. He uses this to grapple and interrogate how men (re)shape conditions and environments of reproductive (in)justice.