Dr Greta Morando

Dr Greta Morando

Visiting Fellow

Department of Social Policy

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Key Expertise
Labour Economics, Child development, Education, Gender, Social Mobility

About me

Dr Morando is a labour economist working at the UCL Social Research Institute. She holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Essex. Her expertise lie in child development, education,  and gender. Her broad research agenda aims at understanding the determinants and consequences of inequality on human capital development. She has extensive experience in using secondary data and she has recently been working on the design and implementation of surveys and an RCT. 


Selected publications

Morando, G. and Platt, L., 2022. The Impact of Centre‐based Childcare on Non‐cognitive Skills of Young Children. Economica89(356), pp.908-946.

Del Bono, E. and Morando, G., 2022. For some, luck matters more: the impact of the great recession on the early careers of graduates from different socio-economic backgrounds. Oxford Economic Papers74(3), pp.869-893.

Morando, G., 2021. Peer gender and STEM specialization. Applied Economics Letters28(12), pp.1041-1045.

Expertise Details

Labour Economics; Child development; Education; Gender; Social Mobility