Natalia Tellez-Lara

Natalia Tellez-Lara

PhD candidate

Department of Social Policy

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Key Expertise
Applied economics, Labour economics, Climate change, Gender

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Research topic:

Economic inequalities and labour market in a context of climate change and innovation.


Natalia is a PhD student in the Department of Social Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE). Her research focuses on applied economics, in particular, she is studying how climate shocks could affect labour market. Her research uses quantitative methods and is mainly oriented towards developing countries.

Previously, she worked in the United States and Chile on policy and data analysis. In the US, she worked in Washington DC, and her work was mainly related to education and information systems. In Chile, she worked at the National Productivity Commission, analysing the efficiency of regulatory policy for several economic sectors. The goal of this study was to contribute with evidence to reduce entry barriers for new investment projects. She also worked in the Office of Economic Affairs and Institutional Management of the University of Chile, analysing the economic impacts of the national policy "Free Tuition in Undergraduate".

Natalia holds a Master of Public Administration (MPA) focused on economics and public policy at the LSE, and a bachelor's degree in Information Systems and Management at the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEN) of the University of Chile.


Research interests:

Economic inequalities in the labour market, applied economics, climate change, gender, policy design and evaluation. Quantitative methods.


Supervisors: Professor Almudena Sevilla and Dr Liam Beiser-McGrath

Expertise Details

Applied economics; Labour economics; Climate change; Gender; Policy design and evaluation