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Katy Footman

PhD candidate

Department of Social Policy

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Sexual and reproductive health and rights, Abortion, Health systems

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Research topic: 

Choice within abortion care pathways in England and Wales

Katy is a PhD candidate in Population Studies and Demography. Her doctoral research uses mixed methods to examine choice within abortion care pathways in England and Wales.

Katy has ten years of professional experience conducting research and translating evidence into programmes and policy. She has worked at MSI Reproductive Choices (formerly Marie Stopes International), the Public Health England Behavioural Insights team, and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She has consulted for the World Health Organization and Itad. Her research assesses social and structural determinants of healthcare-seeking behaviour, experience and access, with a focus on sexual, reproductive and maternal health.

Katy has a BA in Geography and International Development from the University of Sussex, an MSc in Health Policy, Planning and Financing from the LSE and LSHTM, and an MSc in Social Research Methods from the LSE. Her doctoral research is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council 1+3 PhD Studentship


Supervisors: Professor Ernestina Coast; Dr Tiziana Leone


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Selected publications:

  • Footman, K. (2024). The illusion of treatment choice in abortion care: A qualitative study of comparative care experiences in England and Wales, Social Science & Medicine, Volume 348. [Link]
  • Footman K, Bright S, Kavanagh J, Parnham E, Bury L, Hoggart L. (2024). Exploring provider preference and provision of abortion methods and stigma: Secondary analysis of a United Kingdom provider survey, Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health. [Link]
  • Footman, K., Page, P., Boydell, V., McLaren, M., & Mudhune, S. (2023). Adapting to a global pandemic: a qualitative assessment of programmatic responses to COVID-19 in the multi-country Women’s Integrated Sexual Health (WISH) programme. Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters, 31(1). [Link]
  • Footman K, Goel K, Rehnström Loi U, et al (2023). Inclusion of abortion-related care in national health benefit packages: results from a WHO global survey. BMJ Global Health. [Link]
  • Footman, K. (2023) Structural barriers or patient preference? A mixed methods appraisal of medical abortion use in England and Wales, Health Policy, Volume 132, [Link]
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  • Footman, K. (2021). Interviewer effects on abortion reporting: a multilevel analysis of household survey responses in Côte d’Ivoire, Nigeria and Rajasthan, India. BMJ Open11(11), e047570
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Expertise Details

Sexual and reproductive health and rights; Abortion; Health systems; Evaluation; Mixed methods research