Christal Kihm

Christal Kihm

PhD candidate

Department of Social Policy

English, French
Key Expertise
Gender, Labour, Migration, Social movements

About me

Research topic:

Organising migrant women in French trade unions - the case of hotel cleaners in Paris 


Christal is a PhD candidate based in the Department of Social Policy, she previously completed the MSc International Social and Public Policies (Research) also in the same department thanks to being funded by a 1+3 studentship from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). Her current research aims to understand how women who are immigrants or descendants of immigrants organise within and outside trade unions.


Research interests:

Her research interests are the nexus of intersectional feminism, civil society, trade unions, and social transformation. She examines how migrant female workers in France engage in transformative politics with special attention to their participation in trade unions.



Dr Armine Ishkanian and Dr Isabel Shutes

Expertise Details

Gender; Labour; Migration; Social movements