Dr Zahid Mumtaz

Dr Zahid Mumtaz

LSE Fellow

Department of Social Policy

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English, Hindi, Urdu
Key Expertise
Social Policy, Public Policy, Welfare, Social protection, Inequalities

About me

Before joining LSE, Dr. Zahid Mumtaz served as a lecturer at the School of Sociology at the Australian National University (ANU). He holds a PhD in Public Policy from ANU's Crawford School of Public Policy, in addition to a master’s degrees in Public Policy with a specialization in Social Policy, a master’s degree in Political Science, and undergraduate degrees in Mathematics and Physics.

Zahid's research approach is uniquely multidisciplinary, seamlessly integrating social and natural sciences. His areas of expertise span various domains, including decolonization, formal and informal social protection, social inequalities in the Global South, and research methods with a dedicated focus on applying classical and quantum machine learning to social sciences and public administration. Zahid's impact on the field has been substantial, evidenced by his research's prominent presence in esteemed journals such as “Social Policy and Administration” and “IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems.” He is also credited as the author of the book “Informal Social Protection and Poverty.”

Beyond his academic achievements, Zahid boasts a 15-year-long career as a dedicated public servant. He has collaborated extensively with international organizations, including the Asian Development Bank and GIZ, further underscoring his expertise and reputation within the field.



Mumtaz, Z. (2022). “Informal social protection and poverty“. SpringerNature. DOI: 10.1007/978-981-19-6474-9. ISBN 978-981-19-6473-2 


Recent Publications:   

Mumtaz, Z. (2023). Conceptualising the Relationship Between Formal and Informal Social Protection. Social Policy and Society, 1-18. doi:10.1017/S1474746423000337

Mumtaz, Z (2021), Informal social protection; a conceptual synthesis, Social Policy and Administration. 1-15 (Q1-2.7 impact factor). 

Mumtaz, Z., & Whiteford, P. (2021),  Comparing formal and informal social protection: A case study of exploring the usefulness of informal social protection in Pakistan, Journal of international and comparative social policy, (SPA Journal), 1-30. 

Mumtaz, Z., & Whiteford, P. (2021), Machine Learning-Based Approach for Sustainable Social Protection Policies in Developing Societies. Mobile Networks and Applications, 1-15. 159-173 (Q1- 3.4 impact factor). 

Zhen, Li, Wang, Yue, Yu, Keping , Lu, Guangyue , Mumtaz, Zahid & Wei Wei (2021). Reliable Uplink Synchronization Maintenance for Satellite Ground Integrated Vehicular Networks: A High-Order Statistics-Based Timing Advance Update Approach.  IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems  (Q1- 9.552 impact factor). doi: 10.1109/TITS.2021.3131816.

Expertise Details

Social policy; Public policy; Welfare; Community and bureaucratic regimes; Public administration; Formal and informal social protection; Social inequalities; Comparative studies; Decolonisation; Classical and quantum machine learning - mixed methods