Dr Margaux Suteau

Dr Margaux Suteau

LSE Fellow

Department of Social Policy

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Key Expertise
Education, Labor Force Participation, Gender and Development Economics

About me

I am an LSE Fellow in the Department of Social Policy after finishing my PhD in Economics at ESSEC and CY Cergy Paris Université under the supervision of Stefania Marcassa and Olivier Donni. 

My work lies in the intersection of gender, education and labor economics, and relies on public policy evaluation to understand how we can bridge the gender gap in education and in the labor market. I have been working first on the effect of a change in succession laws granting women the right to inherit from the land in India on these women’s education, labor and marriage markets outcomes (working paper). My current project looks at the under-representation of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and at the importance of access to equipment in a gender-unbiased environment. 


Expertise Details

Applied microeconomics; Gender Economics; Education; Labor Force Participation; Development Economics