Dr Thomas Biegert

Dr Thomas Biegert

Assistant Professor

Department of Social Policy

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OLD 2.54
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English, German
Key Expertise
Labour Markets, Inequality, Welfare State, Social Security

About me

Thomas Biegert is an Assistant Professor in International Social and Public Policy since September 2019. He joined the Department of Social Policy in 2017. Previously he held positions at the WZB Berlin Social Science Center and at the University of Mannheim, from where he received his PhD in 2014.

Thomas studies welfare states and labour markets and how they shape social inequalities. He is particularly interested in social mechanisms of cumulative inequality. He also has a strong interest in research methods and causal inference. Currently, he is conducting research on household joblessness during the economic crisis in the US, labour market transitions of younger and older workers, and the question of how we can analyse the interplay of different polices and institutions. Thomas’ research has been published in journals such as European Sociological Review, Journal of European Social Policy, Socio-economic Review, and American Sociological Review.

Expertise Details

Labour Markets; Inequality; Welfare State; Social Security

My research

Observing many researchers using the same data and hypothesis reveals a hidden universe of uncertainty


Author(s) Nate Breznau, Eike Mark Rinke, Alexander Wuttke, Hung H.V. Nguyen, Muna Adem, Jule Adriaans, Amalia Alvarez-Benjumea, Henrik K. Andersen, Daniel Auer, Flavio Azevedo, Oke Bahnsen, Dave Balzer, Gerrit Bauer, Paul C. Bauer, Markus Baumann, Sharon Baute, Verena Benoit, Julian Bernauer, Carl Berning, Anna Berthold, Felix S. Bethke, Thomas Biegert, Katharina Blinzler, Johannes N. Blumenberg, Licia Bobzien, Andrea Bohman, Thijs Bol, Amie Bostic, Zuzanna Brzozowska, Katharina Burgdorf, Kaspar Burger, Kathrin Busch