Visiting Appointments

The Department of Social Policy welcomes applications from individuals based outside LSE for Visiting Appointments under the auspices of the School's Visiting Appointments Schemes.


Visiting Fellows

The Visiting Fellow Scheme is aimed at scholars (pre-Major Review equivalent/of post-doctoral status), persons/practitioners of equivalent standing in an appropriate profession/occupation, and researchers in the early stages of their career.

Visiting Senior Fellows

The Visiting Senior Fellow Scheme includes academics who are of the lecturer (post-major review equivalent), senior lecturer or reader level and professionals at a broadly comparable level in their profession. 

Visiting Professors and Visiting Professors in Practice

The School may confer the title of Visiting Professor or Visiting Professor in Practice for a defined but renewable period on persons of appropriate distinction whose connections with the School are appropriate to the visiting title. It includes individuals with a non- academic background who may have achieved prominence in public life, or who have attained distinction in the professions.
The Visiting Professor in Practice title is for those who have appropriate distinction within their area of practice without however having sufficient academic distinction.

Application Procedure

Academic visitors to the Department of Social Policy will need to be 'sponsored' by an existing member of our faculty. Please review the profiles of our current faculty and contact directly those in your field to see if they would be willing to support you spending time the Department.

Once you have a sponsor, you should liaise with them on the details of your application. You will need to provide them with the following:

      • The classification of visiting appointment for which you wish to apply
      • Your full name (including title)
      • Your email address
      • The proposed start and end date of the appointment (NB the period of appointment should be between 3 months and 3 years)
      • Confirmation that you are eligible to work in the UK
      • An up-to-date CV
      • Details of your proposed contribution to the Department (300-500 words). NB If you are requesting the renewal of your appointment, please provide an additional paragraph (of no less than 150 words) outlining the details of your contribution to the Department to date.

Once agreed, your sponsor will submit your application for consideration by the Department’s Management Team.

The Department of Social Policy will consider applications according to the following criteria:

  • Contribution to the work of the Department of Social Policy.
  • Compatibility of the applicant's expertise and fit with existing expertise within the Department.
  • Funding and resources.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. After consideration by the Department, supported applications are forwarded to the School who processes them according to the timetable set out here.

Queries about the Visiting Appointments scheme should be directed to the Department Manager, Damian Roberts: