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Book launch of 'Caste in Everyday Life: Experience and Affect in Indian Society'

Hosted by the Department of Social Policy’s Race Matters Initiative in collaboration with the LSESU Ambedkar Society

In-person and online public event (Wolfson Theatre, Cheng Kin Ku Building)


Dr Dhaneswar Bhoi

Dr Dhaneswar Bhoi

Professor Hugo Gorringe

Professor Hugo Gorringe


Dr Sunil Kumar

Dr Sunil Kumar

This book explores the complex realities and experiences associated with 'caste,' examining how it can evoke life-threatening fear for some individuals while nurturing life-enriching networks for others. 

Using a diverse range of methods and collaborative efforts to explore everyday caste dynamics, all contributions prioritise first-hand experiences and insights, inspired by Guru and Sarukkai’s influential work on "Experience, Caste and the Everyday Social." Stemming from a workshop on caste in daily life, this volume meticulously analyses the mechanisms, processes, and interactions that sustain caste (produced and re-produced) in various contexts and communities.

What sets this collection apart is its exploration of the perspectives of Brahmins and other dominant castes openly acknowledging their caste privilege, rather than exclusively focusing on marginalised castes. It also addresses gender dynamics and cross-caste relationships, capturing a broad spectrum of experiences and negotiations within institutions like marriage. Together, the chapters offer profound insights into caste and its significance in everyday life, particularly theorising about the impacts of 'affect,' ‘experiences’ of caste, that intricately shape the daily lives of Indians.


Meet our speakers and chair: 

Dhaneswar Bhoi (@dhaneswar), holding the title of Honorary Fellow at the University of Edinburgh, UK, is engaged as a Lecturer in Social Psychology & Module Leader at the London School of Science and Technology, an institution affiliated with the University of West London, UK. His academic qualifications include a post-Doctorate obtained from the Centre for South Asian Studies at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Additionally, he pursued courses on 'Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion' at the University of Michigan, USA.

Recently, he contributed as a co-editor to the book 'Caste in Everyday Life: Experience and Affect in Indian Society' (Palgrave Macmillan 2023), published under the subsidiary of Springer Nature in Switzerland. Bhoi's scholarly pursuits cover a wide spectrum of interests, including the Dalit Experience & Affect, Sociology of Education, Social Psychology, Marginalization, Equity, and Inclusion.

His academic impact extends beyond research, as evidenced by his roles as an associate editor for the 'Journal of the World Universities Forum' and a reviewer for prestigious journals such as 'Politics, Groups, and Identities' (Routledge), 'Journal Educational Research for Policy and Practice' (Springer), and 'International Sociology' (Sage).

Moreover, Bhoi's expertise is reflected in numerous articles published in various Scopus-indexed and peer-reviewed national and international journals, as well as edited books, underscoring his commitment to advancing knowledge in his field.


Hugo Gorringe holds the position of Professor and Head, Department Head of Sociology at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. He is also the former Co-director of the Centre for South Asian Studies at the same university. His research endeavours in India are cantered on the socio-political mobilization of Dalits (formerly known as Untouchables) and their ongoing quest for equality, which plays a pivotal role in the deepening of Indian democracy.

Gorringe's academic influence extends beyond his research pursuits, evident in his esteemed role as an editorial board member of Contemporary Voice of Dalit, a Sage publication. In addition to his scholarly endeavours, he recently co-edited the book 'Caste in Everyday Life: Experience and Affect in Indian Society' (Palgrave Macmillan 2023), published under the subsidiary of Springer Nature in Switzerland.

Gorringe's authorial prowess shines through in works like 'Panthers in Parliament: Dalits, Caste, and Political Power in South India' (OUP 2017) and 'Untouchable Citizens: Dalit Movements and Democratization in Tamil Nadu' (SAGE, 2005), where he stands as the sole author. Furthermore, he has made significant contributions as a co-editor of notable publications such as 'Civility in Crisis: Democracy, Equality, and the Majoritarian Challenge in India' (Routledge 2021) and 'From the Margins to the Mainstream: Institutionalizing Minorities in South Asia' (SAGE 2016).

Furthermore, Hugo Gorringe has made substantial contributions to academic literature through numerous articles and chapters focusing on Identity, Violence, Space, Caste, and Politics, reflecting his profound insights and expertise in these areas.


Sunil Kumar (@urban_sk) is a Lecturer in Social Policy and Development in the Department of Social Policy and researches the urban Global South, India being his primary geographical focus (South Asia more recently). His key urban research interests are: housing, landlords and tenants, labour markets and livelihoods, rural-urban migration and migrant construction workers and, forced evictions, resettlement and livelihood outcomes.  His research is grounded in a critique of existing urban policy or proposed urban policies with the view to propose workable and inclusive alternative ways of addressing identified challenges.  He has also conducted research in Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania.


More about this event

The Race Matters Initiative is a practical initiative developed by Dr Sunil Kumar and Dr Vanessa Hughes in the Department of Social Policy, LSE. Now coordinated by Dr Robtel Neajai Pailey, LSE Social Policy, it executes a plan of concrete action via four spaces that enable students, faculty and staff to talk about ‘race’ and other racialised discriminations and how they can contribute to a decolonised International Social and Public Policy education and experience.

The LSE Ambedkar Society (@LSEAmbedkarSoc) is dedicated to advancing Dr. Ambedkar's vision for an equitable society within and uphold the caste discourse globally.


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