What if we rethought Parole?

22 June 2017


Download : Audio

Speakers: Professor Nick Hardwick, Dr Laura Janes, Nicola Padfield

Chair: Dr Meredith Rossner

Recorded on 22 June 2017 at The Wolfson Theatre, New Academic Building

This lecture discussed the present presumption that a parolee has to demonstrate they are not at risk of repeated offending and suggest that it should be the State to demonstrates the prisoner remains a risk. 

Nick Hardwick is the current Chair of the Parole Board and Professor at Royal Holloway, University of London. He was formerly Chief Inspector of Prisons and Chair of the IPCC.

Laura Janes (@LauraJanes_UK) is the Legal Director at Howard League of Penal Reform, has a professional doctorate in youth justice and is particularly interested in representing young people in penal detention.

Nicola Padfield is the Master at Fitzwilliam College Cambridge and interested in what goes on in prison, with her main research interest in sentencing law, especially into the law and practice of release from (and recall to) prison. 

Meredith Rossner (@meredithrossner) is Assistant Professor of Criminology in the Law Department at LSE, whose research interests include restorative justice and courtroom architecture.

The Department of Social Policy (@LSESocialPolicy) is the longest established in the UK. The Department prides itself in being able to offer teaching based on the highest quality empirical research in the field.

The Mannheim Centre for Criminology (@mannheimcrim) is a multidisciplinary centre incorporating staff from across LSE.