Green Impact

Green Impact

Social Policy Green Team



Department Members for 2021-22:
Sophie Gavriel, Abby Husselby, Maria Schlegel.

Student reps for 2021-22:
Micaela Tam, Akila Ranganathan, Joe Foxwell, Ruoyu Li, Wanda Mollica, Aimun Mir, Sunniva Minsaas, Alyson Hwang, Jiwon Kim, Simran Massey, Yujin Choi.

The Social Policy Green Team consists of undergraduate and Master’s students who work closely together with staff and faculty across the Department of Social Policy at LSE to create, initiate, and lead green-themed projects throughout the year. The Social Policy Green team members of the 2021/22 cohort come from diverse and interdisciplinary backgrounds and have various experiences in environmental and sustainability work and advocacy.

Plans for 2021-22

  • Supporting the LSE's Sustainability Strategic Plan.
  • Committed to becoming Digital Smart.
  • This year the Social Policy Green Team is pursuing three key initiatives:
    structuring a new course tackling the intersection of climate change, environmental issues and social policy,a speaker series and community-building sustainability events. 



Contact us

If you have any comments and/or suggestions, please contact the team.


The Department of Social Policy has been involved in Green Impact since 2012. Green Impact is LSE's sustainability engagement programme where staff and students work to reduce the School's environmental impact, receiving awards for their work and impact.

Over the years, the Department has won various awards and during the 2019-20 academic year, the Department was awarded the 'Leading the Way' award for all of the work carried out which was based around the theme #SustainableLSEConsultation

We are very grateful to all of our Green Impact student reps for their contributions over the years.

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