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Photography competition winners 2020-21

Theme: "What does Social Policy look like for you within your community?"

Here are the winning submissions.

1st Prize- Wangyuan Qu


Child labour

I followed the boy in yellow to his workplace- a shoe factory. Child labour is prevalent in Kolkata; an enforced child education policy would bring millions of children back to where they are supposed to be.

Location of photo: Kolkata, India



2nd prize: Dana Ramadan

Re-inventing the Ministry of Social Affairs

“Change driven by people.” From food and medical aid, hygiene kits, and mental health support, tents were put up in a purely civic spirit in response to the explosion. In light of government inaction and civil society proactivity, can the latter fill the gaps in terms of social policy action?

Location of photo: Beirut, Lebanon


3rd Prize: Nava Gottlieb

Disparities in services

Disparities in services provided for well-being The city of Lyon is modern, vibrant and actively engaged in health research-key to social developments-like in this World Health Organization building. Yet, in this very same street of my neighbourhood, impediments to well-being persist: homelessness and inadequate housing infrastructures remain prevalent struggles. 

Location of photo: Lyon, France



Photography competition winners 2019-20

Theme "What does Social Policy mean to you?"

Here are the winning submissions.

1st Prize- Tom Canning 


Gentrifying cities are increasingly dividing communities by class and income. In Barcelona, socially conscious urban policy has brought the development of this multi-use street space. Car use is restricted and public space is used by both migrant picnickers and affluent cafe goers.

Location of photo: Barcelona, Spain


2nd Prize- Rania Mneimneh


Aisha was born in a refugee camp. I have visited her many times over the past four years. ‘Where is your tent? , she often asks me. I tell her, ‘It’s a bit far’. I can’t but can social policy provide solutions beyond the narrow alleyways of the camp…?

Location of photo: Bekaa, North Lebanon


3rd Prize- Sophie Guillet

 Striking inequalities in Spain

Once upon a time in Andalusia, there was an old man who used donkeys to carry his belongings to his village situated on the top of a mountain. At the same time, the very well paved road could have greeted state-of-the-art trucks. Social policy aims to bridge these two worlds.

Location of photo: Spain’s region of Andalusia