Our Partners

The RGS research unit is a partnership between the Faith Centre and the Anthropology, International Relations and Methodology departments, we actively work with colleagues from right across LSE and beyond to draw from different disciplines and to foster dynamic, collaborative expertise.

Faith Centre

Since opening in 2014 the LSE Faith Centre has drawn on expertise across LSE and beyond to provide both practically-rooted and academically-rigorous perspectives on the place of religion in our modern, globalising world. This work has been informed, and has in turn resourced, the Faith Centre’s acclaimed programmes to promote religious literacy and interfaith leadership. This research unit builds on the success of the Religion and Global Society blog, launched by the Faith Centre in March 2018.


The Department of Anthropology continues its rich history in the study of religion. Several members of the department have contributed to the RGS Blog and our public events at LSE. The department is a key partner for us, offering guidance on our inaugural research investigating interfaith cooperation in London as well as helping us to shape our future research plans. In the next phase of work, Anthropology colleagues will bring their expertise to our exploration of physical and online plural spaces of global religious encounter.

International Relations

The Department of International Relations houses world-leading expertise on the politics and economics of 21st century global governance. The department also oversees vibrant centres of regional and thematic focus with which we will partner to apply interdisciplinary religion-related research to areas of strategic geopolitical importance. 


The Department of Methodology is an internationally recognised centre of excellence in research and teaching in the area of social science research methodology and is therefore a crucial partner in our work. The department's interdisciplinary ethos complements our determination to work with colleagues from across LSE.

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