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Time’s Arrow (Forum for Philosophy)

28 February, 6:30 pm8:00 pm

The asymmetry between the past and the future is called the Arrow of Time. For example, the events of the past year have shaped all of us, but the future years are ours to shape. We all perceive the Arrow: we remember the start of the pandemic, but we don’t “remember” or even know when it will end in the future. We have hopes about the future, but must simply accept and learn from what has happened in the past. Where do these differences come from? How do they arise in human psychology? Do they have an origin in the physical nature of space and time? What can reflecting on the difference between the past and the future tell us about our place in the post-pandemic world? To discuss these questions, we are bringing together a diverse collection of thinkers for a panel-style event, with discussion questions posed by the chair, and questions from the audience.



Anne Giersch, psychiatrist, researcher at the French National Institute for Science and Medical Research, head of the Cognitive Neuropsychology and Pathophysiology of Schizophrenia research laboratory

Claire North, a pseudonym for Catherine Webb, whose first novel was published when she was 14 years old

Bryan W. Roberts, philosopher of physics, Associate Professor, and Director of LSE’s Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Sciences (CPNSS)

Karim Thébault, philosopher of physics, Associate Professor at the University of Bristol, and an external member of the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (LMU Munich)



Jonathan Birch, Associate Professor of Philosophy at LSE and Principal Investigator of the Foundations of Animal Sentience project, working on animal sentience, cognition and welfare, and the evolution of altruism and social behaviour


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28 February
6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
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Forum for Philosophy


Online via Zoom