I joined LSE having read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the undergraduate level. I was attracted by the clear focus of the course content, which would allow me to obtain a good depth of understanding of the subject within a short space of time. One also could not deny the opportunity to stand on the shoulders of giants belonging to the LSE tradition.

The small intake size and low student-to-teacher ratio gave me many opportunities to meaningfully engage the faculty within and outside of the classroom. The faculty and students were genuinely passionate about inquiry and learning. The excellent learning environment in the department was a wonderful incubator for the development of my research interest on the topic of scientific progress.

I am currently working in the Singapore Civil Service, and find the training from my stint in LSE beneficial in many ways: the sharp, logical analysis is just one of the skills that I have found extremely applicable to policy work. The MSc program is not just for those who intend to pursue a career in academia — I would wholeheartedly encourage anyone to see for themselves what the degree program has to offer.