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From digital skills to tangible outcomes - Improving measures and models of digital engagement

This part of the DiSTO project develops and tests questionnaires on attitudes, skills, uses, and outcomes of use of digital media that can be used by the wider academic community in full or in short item versions. Originally developed and tested in the UK and the Netherlands, these measures are now used and developed internationally by our partners.

Many projects have adapted the skills scales and official DiSTO partners are developing measures for and testing the full model that links social and digital inequalities. The skills, uses and outcomes measures come in versions that are suitable for work across generations in projects involving young people and adults. This enables the testing of the cross-cultural validity and cross generational validity of the scales. Validity is determined through cognitive interviews, pilot surveys and performance tests in various countries. See the links below for questionnaires in various languages and links to country pages with more information on the specifics for each DiSTO partner project.

Any questions? Please contact Ellen Helsper or any of the DiSTO partners doing research in regions or with groups that you are interested in.




Questionnaire DiSTO Kuwait 2018

Questionnaire DiSTO Kuwait in English and Arabic 2021

DiSTO Kuwait




Questionnaire DiSTO NL 2015 Dutch

Questionnaire DiSTO NL 2017 Dutch

Questionnaire DiSTO NL 2020 Dutch





Questionnaire DiSTO Jobs Spain 2020 Spanish – Coming soon

DiSTO Spain





Net Kids Go Mobile page (DiSTO Skills for kids)

EU Kids Online page (DiSTO Skills for kids)

YSkills (DiSTO Skills and uses for kids) – also available in Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, German, Italian, Polish, and Portuguese



Skills Questionnaire World Internet Project

World Internet Project page

Global Kids Online page (DiSTO Skills for kids)

ITU page (Skills for adults)

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