Husseina Ummayma Ahmed

Husseina Ummayma Ahmed

PhD Researcher

Department of Media and Communications

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Research topic

The construction of the Northern Nigerian woman through the coverage of the Boko Haram crisis

With research interests in the intersection of media and international development, Husseina’s research explores the ways in which Northern Nigerian women respond to and construct their identities from the ways in which they are represented in Nigerian and Western media through the coverage of the Boko Haram crisis. 

Husseina seeks to distinguish, analyse relationships between and evaluate the following: patterns of difference or similarities between colonial and postcolonial histories and narratives about northern Nigeria, its people and insurgencies such as Boko Haram; representational discourses and logics of contemporary English language media when narrating the Boko Haram insurgency; the ways in which these histories and logics become entangled with or are contested by archival research and analysis of contemporary Nigerian and Western news audiences’ meaning making about Boko Haram, Nigeria, Northern Nigerian women and women in Africa. 

She focuses on the nesting of National and International responses to representations and narratives about aspects of this crisis in northern Nigeria, to examine the relationship between Nigerian viewers’ constructions of the North, Northern Women and Boko Haram alongside Western viewer’s constructions of Nigeria, Africa and Terrorism to establish a pattern of local delegitimisation, ahistorical tropes, trauma, and othering that eventually may be considered as contributing to further sustained conflict rather than to conflict resolution. 

Supervisors: Dr. Shakuntala Banaji and Dr. Wendy Willems


In 2015, Husseina completed a B.A at Carleton University, Canada, where she studied Economics with a concentration in Development and a minor in Philosophy. Afterwards, she worked with the the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) in Ottawa, as a private sector fundraising intern. Curious about the role of media and ICT in the development & humanitarian fields, she enrolled in the MSc Media, Communication & Development program at The London School of Economics (LSE). After graduating from LSE in 2016, she moved back to Nigeria and worked with The Presidential Committee on the North East Initiative (PCNI), coordinating development and humanitarian efforts in the north-eastern part of the country in an attempt to address the effects Boko Haram crisis that has ravaged the region for the past decade. Husseina, currently works as an associate editor of The Republic: A Journal of Nigerian Affairs, a bimonthly journal of socio-economic and political commentary, criticism and cultural discourse, that explores the world as Nigerian.

Husseina is currently studying at the LSE, on a LSE PhD Studentship.  

Expertise Details

representation; identity; development; conflict; gender; Nigeria; Africa; postcolonial studies